The most awaited update WordPress 5.0 is here with the highly talked about page editor Gutenberg. Following its classic editor since years, WordPress has released this update with the newly built editor. This editor uses a block-based editor which allows you to create posts in flexible blocks. You can know more about Gutenberg in this article.
But before taking a dig on what this update consists, we will let you know certain points that you should be decided upon before updating to WordPress 5.0. These points will help you conclude that whether you should update WordPress 5.0 or not.

What Is The Right Time To Update?

As we all know, the holiday season is nearby, and all of the must be very busy planning for our New Year Vacation. So if you are busy in some such plans and do not have much time to look after your site, then you can postpone updating as all of it will be there in January. Moreover, multiple patches are being already planned, and they will probably be releasing in January making the core more stable.

Working With Gutenberg. Is Your Site Ready?

The major change that this update is bringing is the introduction of Gutenberg editor. This new editor has completely changed the way classic editor worked since last 15 years. It is all block and brings a new experience with some pretty cool features.

Your site must be ready to adopt this, and this can be done by checking whether the plugins that integrate with the WordPress editing experience, are updated or tested to work with the Gutenberg editor. You can do this by testing the plugin or checking its documentation).
If the plugins do not work, you will most likely need to install the Classic Editor Plugin before updating to the latest version.

Is Updating To WordPress 5.0 Needed?

It’s not needed or compulsory for you to update to WordPress 5.0 and we will suggest you wait. This is because WordPress 5.0 will be more solid in the upcoming month.
But if you think your site is ready to adapt to this update, then you can go with it.

If You Decide To Upgrade To WordPress 5.0

Our first suggestion will be to make a backup. If possible use the staging environment first to test this version and then push it to the live site.
Confirm that your theme and the plugins you use are compatible with the Gutenberg WordPress Editor and no conflicts exist.

Final Take On WordPress 5.0

So this is good news, the new update is a major one, and it should not be missed out at all.  You should also not miss the new  Twenty Nineteen Theme launched by WP folks. This theme has some incredible features and completely tested with the latest WordPress 5.0.

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