Out of the Box Website Design Ideas to Boost Site Conversion

Boost Conversion

The first impression makes a big difference. When a visitor accesses your website for the very first time, then visitors quickly passes the judgment about your site in seconds. Creating your website attractive and convincing is the demand for a competitive world.

So if you fail to grab the attention, then there is something wrong, and there are chances that conversion will not be going to happen.

Do you want to improve conversions on your website? Of course, you want!!

Being a marketer, you want to know that your design can make a difference. Without a meaningful conversion rate, traffic to your website would be less, and it creates a problem for your business. You must start focusing on optimization!!

Website design is the top criterion for deciding whether the company is capable or not. So your design must look pleasing. Website design also plays a role in conversion rate optimization. Your design is your forte. These design techniques will help to engage more traffic to your websites and take your business to peaks.

Always keep in mind that your website must align the target audience to your website and boost up the conversion rate.

In this article, we will discuss how different strategies of website designing agencies will help to boost up the conversion rate.

Different Web Design Ideas to Raise the Conversion Rate

Website design ideas help to improve the conversion rate. Here are some handful of important web design principles that will give you sustainable boost conversions.

Let’s get started:

Optimal Color and Contrast Selection

Colors say a lot about your brand. Color selection to your website is the first important factor in boosting up your conversion. Effective use of color can affect the visitor buying decision. It is very crucial to think before making a selection on a website. Colors grab the attention of the visitor so choose different colors and make a good contrast. Pick the light and dark contrast for your website so that images and content can be seen easily. Contrast helps the site to stand out from the rest. Make sure you are using higher contrast colors in specific areas.

Mobile-friendly Design

Make your website more responsive. It is quite easy these days with mobile devices to respond instantly. No business can afford to lose potential leads. Mobile compatibility is helping out of the way. There are numerous websites that are compatible with mobile devices. Responsive web design is essential for a high conversion rate and search engine optimization.

Use High-Quality Images

Quality always makes a difference. If there is one thing that can down the web design is the pictures. Choosing the picture smartly is essential as it adds life to the website design. Images can make or break the deal. One picture says a lot about your brand. Always try to pick high-quality photos.

One studies show that 60% of consumers are more willing to search results that include images. Always try to avoid lifeless pictures that are irrelevant and bland. Use the emotion-driven pictures that show the real emotions of the person. Avoid tacky stock pictures like an overly happy picture and unnatural feelings.
Pick only high-quality pictures. You can find these from:

  1. Pexels
  2. Stocksnap
  3. Unsplash
  4. Pickjumbo
  5. Little Visuals

Add Faces to Increase Familiarity

People are fond of human faces. As they feel similar to the pictures. After seeing the image, they will automatically be triggered to feel something or they can easily empathize that image. Opt in-pages or landing pages to boost the conversion of your website. To add quality, make sure you add maximum face pictures and take plenty of horizontal shots. Try to add attractive pictures so that visitors can connect.

Optimal Use of Whitespaces

Whitespace has a positive impact on web design. Whitespace is the space between the sidebars and content, text, header, and paragraphs. All these spaces help to make your website look neat and clean. This provides a better user experience. Whitespaces to your site keep everything legible and scannable. will help to raise the conversion rate.

360-Degree View

Zoom feature is used to show the detail of your product. This allows the visitors to see the details of your product but the feature of a 360-degree view shows the images of products from different angels with different levels. It provides the feature of rotation that has been performed to outperform the improve the static ones. You can use the dynamic image technology to spin the images in 360-degree image rotation. It will give a better experience to the customers and it increases the conversion.

Want to Boost Your Website Conversions? Migrate to WordPress

Keep It Simple and Unique

Simplicity is the key to elegance. So try to make the web design simple and different. Anytime when you are creating the layout, ask yourself whether there is any way to make it more simple. The design should be aesthetically pleasing, and it almost converts it better. Simple design help to create the overall design without any cluttering. For better user experience, your website must get rid of anything unnecessary or not useful.

Website Navigation

Navigation plays a vital role in user interaction. Well designed navigation makes your website more user-friendly. And it helps to navigate easily, which helps to raise the conversion rate. Make navigation more useful and attractive. There are somethings that you keep in your mind as the use of standardized menu formats, minimize drop-down menu, keep the list short, be precise and specific about the content.

Avoid Sliders

Try to avoid the moving content or auto image slider. They will irritate the hamper user experience. It will waste the time of the visitors, and it will drop down the navigation of the website. If you want to use the image slider, then make the provision of the highlighted buttons.

Wrapping up

Above, we have discussed different ways to boost up your conversion. By implementing such principles and tips for the website, you can see the difference and see more visitors to your site. I hope this will benefit you to raise the profit in your business and take your business into heights.

If you have any queries!! Feel free to ask the question in the comment box.

Thank you for reading!!

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