Examples Of Welcome Emails For Online Communities

You consume plenty of time conceptualizing a nice angle, hiring your early members to connect, and seeding the community with useful content and conversations. Your community is gradually growing. Members are citing their friends, and even strangers are learning about it. That’s superb till you comprehend that all of these new members don’t understand the story and mission behind your community. One of the finest ways to achieve this is by your welcome email. This is your initial chance to make people elated about your brand and exchange your story.


Welcome Emails For Online Communities

More frequently than not, welcome emails constitute an afterthought.

Your welcome email should make new members interested to add or take some type of action. If a new donor obtains a response to their initial post within 5 hours, they are substantially more probable to remain active and interactive in the community.

The finest welcome email consists of the following:

  • A brief intro regarding what your brand signifies
  • Entitles them to be a component of the community’s journey
  • Any pertinent and useful community guidelines
  • Prioritizes what they can hope for in the community
  • Contains 1-2 CTAs maximum (Keep in mind, the aim is to make them eager to participate, not totally overwhelm them!)

These are a few of the best welcome email examples for you to become inspired and design your own.

1. Amazon


Amazon does not require any introduction. It’s awesome for all kinds of eCommerce marketing, from social to email. Its welcome email is particularly impressive.

Amazon customizes its emails depending on how you signed up for an account or regarding the company’s mailing list. For instance, it bolsters the brand with that stack of boxes, each of which sports the Amazon logo. Then there are simple hyperlinked subheadings naming all the main pages you might wish to try out, besides a slight bit of body copy beneath each to define its benefits.

You might observe that it’s pretty easy. That’s all right, particularly for a reputed brand.

2. Uber

Uber- Welcome Emails For Online Communities
Welcome Emails For Online Communities

Uber’s welcome email for customers (against potential drivers) is slightly longer than Amazon’s. It contains different widely-spaced segments, which renders it easy on the eyes, and it includes the instructional feature of welcome email examples extremely deftly:


Simple as 1, 2, 3, right? The instructions also include advantages, like the ease of use. That’s a superb way to distinguish your brand.

Other portions of the email contain contact information and a short thank-you to the member.

3. Ticketmaster- Welcome Emails For Online Communities

Ticketmaster- Welcome Emails For Online Communities
Welcome Emails For Online Communities

The best part of this welcome email instance, though, is the final sentence. After earmarking the brand’s USP, the email says, “ This ensuing week we’ll follow up with a few tips on how to get the maximum out of Ticketmaster.”

That’s a gracious and successful way to fire up expectations. The subscriber knows precisely what he or she will receive.

4. Nike- Welcome Emails For Online Communities


Nike’s welcome email appeals since it’s short and sweet. Initially, you obtain a friendly inauguration to the brand with the usual Swoosh and a thank you. Then emerges the value proposition, which informs you why you’ll compliment yourself for signing up.


A CTA is present to sign up for Nike+. It is a beautiful way to lure consumers more into the company’s umbrella and motivate them to engage more with the brand.

5. Todoist- Welcome Emails For Online Communities


If you don’t know Todoist, it’s an app that permits you to generate electronic to-do lists. When you subscribe for an account, you get a welcome email. The initial part welcomes you to the Todoist family and exchanges the advantages of a membership.

Then you obtain useful buttons so you can download the Todoist app on your mobile device. This is smart on the part of the company since people require access to their to-do lists while on the run.

Couldn’t be simpler, correct? That’s the nice thing concerning the finest welcome email instances. They encourage ease of use and aid the subscriber take action instantly.

6. Benny Lewis

Benny Lewis

Benny Lewis is adept at teaching people how to learn new languages quicker and simpler by just speaking the target language.

When you subscribe to their emails, you receive a brief and pleasant confirmation email that buttresses the value of his lead magnet.

See that the CTA button is highly viewable on the page. Otherwise, this is a plain-text email that doesn’t disuse the subscriber’s time.

7. Bicycling.com


The welcome email from Bicycling.com is positive, colorful, and transmits exclusivity. It’s also hugely focused on the USP of the magazine, and it makes starters feel cozy and welcome while still accepting that veteran cyclists can gain from their subscriptions.

8. Facebook


Facebook might well be acknowledged here as the company has marketing down to an art and a science. Its welcome email is artfully simple, though that’s because it wishes users to do one thing: Engage with their followers on Facebook.

It tells you precisely how to achieve just that with links to locate friends, upload a profile photo so you’re more noticeable, and edit your profile so it tallies with what you wish to share.

Further, there’s a Get Started CTA for a nice measure. Nicely done.

9. Nextdoor

Nextdoor- Welcome Emails For Online Communitiess

If you haven’t tried out Nextdoor, you may wish to consider it. This social networking site unites people who reside in the same community, neighborhood, or general geographic region. Its welcome email is plain but effective.

First, social proof is present. It informs you how many of your neighbors have too signed up. Then there’s a lineup of benefits for members.

Then you possess a directory of CTAs so you can instantly interact with the site.

10. Medium Partner Program

Medium Partner Program- Welcome Emails For Online Communities
Welcome Emails For Online Communities

There is a Medium Partner Program from Medium.com, which permits writers and different content creators to receive payment for the work published by them on the platform. On signing up, you receive a splendid welcome email.

Following a personalized welcome message, Medium tells you precisely how to become involved with the community, publish content, and maintain track of your earnings.

11. ButcherBox

ButcherBox- Welcome Emails For Online Communities
Welcome Emails For Online Communities

ButcherBox permits you to sign up for a membership plan that dispatches meat to your front door at frequent intervals. On signing up for the ButcherBox mailing list, you receive a welcome email that invites you to obtain a subscription and relish free meat in the process.

You can get not just bacon and filet mignon for free, but you also receive $10 off your first box.

This is a superb example of marketing in general. The company is enticing its subscribers with a splendid offer for people who value well-costed meat and ease of delivery.

12. Magnolia Market

Magnolia Market- Welcome Emails For Online Communities
Welcome Emails For Online Communities

Even though you’re not an HGTV fan, you’ve possibly heard about Chip and Joanna Gaines. They’re the celebrities behind “Fixer Uppers” and have become serial entrepreneurs. Magnolia Market, their e-commerce store, has a fantastic welcome email. Initially, you receive a snap of the proprietors.

Then there’s a huge thank-you together with the lead magnet: a 15% discount coupon.

View the SHOP NOW CTA. It’s bold with plenty of contrast, which implies people are more probable to click it. Linking the rebate with the SHOP NOW offer increases its appeal. Surely, you’ll spend money, but you’ll receive a rebate in the process.

Employ Hello Bar To Increase New Subscribers To Your Email List

You’re completely versed in welcome emails till now, so how do you implement them in action? You begin gathering email addresses.

Hello, Bar enables you to incorporate a lead magnet, show your GDPR compliance, and gather email addresses without any friction. And that’s vital.

Currently, people are flooded with emails. They aren’t going to desire them from you till you offer them a darned nice reason.

Supercharge your email gathering process by employing a top bar, modal, slider, exit popup, or different bar to inform people what they can obtain for signing up. Use a powerful call-to-action phrase that prompts visitors to click.

Practice penning headlines, also. The stronger your headline, the greater people will pay attention.

Woo Sell Service

Welcome Emails For Online Communities-Wrapping Up

You didn’t imagine your welcome email was vital, did you? Now you know otherwise.

If you get to engage your subscribers as soon as they present you their email addresses, you’ll strike the ground running – and establish yourself to create greater revenue.

There is an abundance of separate types of welcome email models. Dispatch a list of guidelines for your free demo trial, an introductory email, a product catalog, or a social proof email. Display your credibility and your obligation to the subscriber.

The greater you experiment, the more powerful your emails will get. A/B test them repeatedly to discover that sweet spot.

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