How To Grow Your Social Community Website

Does your business possess a social community? Are you seeking ways to remain connected?

When you involve social fans on their terms, you raise visibility and reach.

Why Social Community?


A dedicated community following could imply the difference between an ever-increasing social fan base and getting your platform melt away into the remainder of the social noise on the world wide web.

Your online tribe aids people to remain connected and maintain interest in your product, blog or company.

These are a few clever ideas to expand and involve your social fans.

# 1 Recognize Your Community

recognize community

If you don’t desire to shoot in a dark and incur financial losses you require to identify your community. The process of recognition needs to be performed in the brainstorming stage. The social network platform is designed to satisfy the specific needs of the population. Identifying the likes and dislikes of your community will assist you in understanding better the psychological factors that impact them as a consumer and what you can do to grab their attention. Occasionally the need for what you are presenting won’t be available on the market, that’s why collected psychographics and demographics data will afford you the potential to trigger and build that need.

# 2 Define The Functions And Features

Online Community For E-commerce

The definition of the functions and features is firmly based on the quality of the identification of your community. Your community desires and needs will frame and outline the features of building a social network website. What do you wish your users to do? How will you specify the privacy of the data?

The comprehensive vision of your website is critical. A macro scan that will split things down into categories like administrative functions, user functions, and advertising is a mandatory thing to do.

Determining the kind of data that will circulate, what can be posted by them, how they will register and what automation you should employ is just the starting. There are plenty of things to be regarded at this phase.

# 3 Select The Proper Technology’s 

Online Community For E-commerce

Specifying the functions and features of your social media network will decide the company and the platform where you can design your individual network. The greatest issue at this stage is the uncertainty over what method will be successful and efficient for your social media network. Analyzing technology is something that must be performed by professionals. Recruiting a consultant to aid you to compare technologies is an excellent solution. It will save you money and time.

If you opt to do it on your own then you need to make a list of appropriate questions to ask. You can use various CMS like Ning, Ruby on Rails, Drupal, or .Net.

The questions will permit you to view whether their solutions and technology wholly support your idea.

The final thing you can do is evaluate available social networking platforms and building technologies used by them. This knowledge process will aid you to find out different issues and opportunities for your social media network. These are some other helpful tips when selecting which social network is proper for you.

#  4 A Mandatory Structure

Online Community For E-commerce


After the user-defined features are enumerated, you must ready the growth environment. Several standard rules apply for developing all web pages and are of big importance for your social media networking platform as you are attempting to involve users in social activity and retain them longer on your site. There are 3 mandatory pillars that you need to include if you wish your social media network to be effective and profitable.

  • Customer service – Allying with a hosting company can alter your life. They will address technical issues and any other issue associated with your platform.
  • Security – Use trustworthy security systems that will render your users seem like they can do everything on your social media platform without bothering about privacy breaches and data leaks.
  • Scalability – When you begin creating a social network from scratch you have to regard growth. Facebook was not aware of the fact that its growth will be to this extent. Mark was ready for growth even though he was unsure that he will attain global success. Your social media platform has to be enabled to enlarge easily and rapidly to be able to follow the speed of your growth.

# 5 Create Activity Stream

Online Community For E-commerce


A social network site without activity stream amounts to nothing. Currently, activity streams are the crux of all social media websites. Facebook launched this feature initially and since he set the norms on the market, the idea went mainstream and impacted all. The attraction people carry with their friend’s activity is true. We wish to know what they are doing, how they are experiencing every moment of the day. Failing to build a quality activity stream can impact the allure of your social media network. This is the focal point and the fuelling force driving the success of inaugurating a social network. You can utilize Drupal’s activity stream module or Joomla’s plugins that achieve this extremely well.

For instance, the activity feed of Ning permits you to attach your network to Twitter, Facebook or to include RSS feed. Always stay tuned to the likes, comments, and shares, which are displayed in your news feed. You can do publications in the shape of post or tweet, and determine what to display in your activity feed, and who can view your updates. These features enable you to greatly customize your network.

# 6 Design Status Update Features

Online Community For E-commerce

Status updates are critical. Each social media user wishes to exhibit their feelings and emotions freely at any moment of the day. You require to create the ideal tools that will render the status updates an enjoyable and simple experience. Even as Facebook promoted the activity stream, Twitter made the status update another key aspect of social media sites. Status updates are amazingly addicting. People are instantly hooked. If this feature is not user-interactive and simple to use they will leave your social media platform instantly. What can you do to build the perfect status updated tool?

It actually rests on the values your social media is designed. Twitter made a splendid move by restricting status updates to 140 characters. The developers were thankful for that decision. It rendered their work so much simpler. Obviously, you have to ensure to include comment inserting options on the status updates. In different words, communication with other users is all.

There are plenty of open-source microblogging platforms you can employ for creating quality status update features. or is ideal for it. If you are employing content management system such as Joomla, it is simple to build a content type with a limited number of characters.

# 7 Quality Viewing Data Options

Online Community For E-commerce

How to raise the engagement level and clicks on the site? You need to build diverse data viewing features that will grow the display of the content on your social media platform. Remember, users will view only what you permit them to see. Do you have sufficient data display options present? If the answer is no, then examine the list of features you require to make present for your users:

  • Popular Upcoming Stories
  • Popular Stories in the past 24 hours
  • Popular Stories in the past 7 days
  • Popular Stories in the previous 30 days
  • Popular Stories in the past year

Remember when Facebook inaugurated its timeline features? How attracted everyone was by the fact that they can reach history data so easily, with just a single click. Users become thrilled with plenty of social data.

The data displaying features must have a user-based design. It must be simple to use and accessible. Everybody has separate preferences. Permitting people to access and adapt their experience is a huge plus and will make them return back over and over to your social network platform.

# 8 You Need To Draw The Right Users

Online Community For E-commerce

After all is said and done, with regard to defining the target audience and building the right features the next step is drawing the proper users. There are plenty of tools that will aid you to generate awareness on the market. Facebook was designed in a college environment and it was a leader in the social media industry. What aided Mark the greatest is the good old word of mouth. Although this is a conventional marketing tool is still successful. Before people begin talking about your social media they require to know about it. Digital marketing has tools to raise awareness. It has the proper set of present options that will aid you to attain your goals and it’s affordable also. You should adopt the following strategies:

  • Email Marketing
  • Blogging
  • Engage with people
  • Activate paid ads


Be genuine across your entire community management efforts. When you really care about the members of your community and your brand, it shows.

Motivate your fans to engage, exchange and like your content. Endow yourself to communicate more with your community. Ask questions and begin conversations to get to know your audience more. It will assist your business in the process.

With the proper community management, you’ll draw new fans and supporters. People will throng to hang out on your social community.

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