Reign Theme has come up with some important updates. In this latest update, there are a lot of astounding features added, this will make your online community, LMS, online marketplace, or any other website more productive. Let’s talk about the key changes made in Reign Theme and how they help you to manage your website effectively that in turn increasing user engagement.

Added Main Menu Hover Styles

hover styles, reign update

In any website, the main menu style is the first thing that catches the attention of users. So, it is necessary that a main menu overall style like font style, color, hover style should be attractive. In the recent update of our Reign theme, we have added main menu hover styles for desktop view. For this, navigate to Customizer settings -> Desktop Header -> Layout and select the desired hover style for the main menu from the drop down.

Added Customizer Option for Sticky Topbar

sticky topbar

Sticky Topbar is one of the most essential feature of a website design, it enhances the user experience by giving visitors a sense of control while they interacting with a website or scrolling a page. That’s why in the latest update we have added an option for a sticky topbar in customizer settings. Admin can easily enable or disable sticky topbar by navigating to Customizer Settings -> Desktop Header -> Topbar.

Added Reign Documentation In Support Tab

reign theme update, documentation

With this update, there is an added Reign documentation in the support tab. This will help to easily set up their website. You will get access to documentation directly by navigating to Reign settings from the dashboard. In the documentation, there is a tutorial for every setting of a Reign theme.

online community

We have added an option in backend settings to hide social media links on a member’s profile. From here, the admin can easily enable/disable social media links to show/hide on a member’s profile.

Manage Activity UI with Verified Member for BuddyPress Plugin

Reign Theme Update, Verified Member for BuddyPress Plugin

Now, there is a feature that shows blue tick or we can say verified badge beside their verified members on their online community activity feed, members profile, and on the member’s directory page. Reign theme has now integration of “Verified Member for BuddyPress plugin”, this plugin will allow users to manually verify their BuddyPress members from the profile edit screen.

A verified badge in an online community is an easy way for remarkable figures to let users know they’re seeing authentic content and thus it helps to build trust among their followers or other users.

Added Youzify Support

online community

We have added support with the Youzify plugin in the Reign theme. By this, you will get more community features, enhanced user profiles, groups, and many more. Youzify is one of the best WordPress user profile plugins for making online community or social networking websites more interactive and engaging with an amazing user interface and standout features. It works perfectly with the BuddyPress plugin or bbPress plugin.

Final Thoughts

StoreMate Dokan ThemeSo, this is all about changes made in the recent Reign theme update. Follow us on Twitter and Facebook for more updates. Feel free to share your thoughts or suggestions which you would like to see next on Reign.

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