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Are you running a Woocommerce store? In today’s world Owning a WooCommerce store in this world with increasing cybercrime is a tedious task.Believe it or not, but yes, there many ways which shows that your Woocommerce site is hacked. As you all know Woocommerce is huge e-commerce platform daily thousands of website been created across the world. According to a survey, WooCommerce holds up 50% of the online market. With the strong market holds, WooCommerce can be the target of hackers.

Hackers present a tangible threat to online retailers and it’s more important than ever to ensure your website is guarded. One of the best ways to keep your store safe is to create a plan for addressing problems before they occur. This can save you major headaches down the road and it will also keep your customers’ information safe.

Security of your e-commerce store must be of top priority, as it involves people logging in and entering their personal details.

In today’s article, I’m going to give you the ways to protect your Woocommerce store and customers. But first, let me tell you how this security helps you. With WooCommerce Security, you can secure your store from various malware activities or any kind of brutal attacks on your store.

This article will help you out in many ways by which your WooCommerce store security can be maintained. And this will let you know how the tips will help your customers to stay protected! So, let’s get started-

Creating a strong password is one of the simplest things you can do, yet it’s a step that is often overlooked. Yes, using your pet turtle’s name for your password does make it easy to remember, but it also leaves you vulnerable. Strong passwords should be:

    • Long
    • Random
    • Unique
    • Impossible to Remember

There are also password managers that help generate and store your security information. We like 1 Password for storing and generating secure passwords.It is very necessary for you to create a strong password.

It is very necessary for you to choose the best hosting company which helps you with all security problems. The wrong host can also expose you to attacks, or leave you hanging after attacks do happen.

Selecting of the secure host might be the first step for you when looking for the security of your WooCommerce store. As there are many hosting providers out there, it becomes difficult to figure out the best one for you sometimes.

When having the finest host, the first thing you should look for is a security page on the website. Make sure your goal is set to be maintaining the security of your website.

When it comes to the security of Woocommerce store best host can prove the perfect guide

3. Keep everything up to date

Yes, you got me right! This point can help you in security very well. Make sure that once updating is not enough, updates should always be entertained and never missed.

If you are Neglecting to update sites and plugins is tremendously risky. When updates aren’t performed, opportunities arise for hackers to take advantage of the resulting holes.

Hence, the WooCommerce store that is updated on an automatic basis will secure your website from all the insecurities and will save your customers’ information from getting hacked all misused.

So if you haven’t updated your Woocommerce store & customers. Update it now!

4. Add security plugins to your Store

A good security plugin can be a lifesaver. It will help you create the backup plan addressed above, as well as providing options for restoration. Should they be needed?

There are many security plugins available that help a lot in improving the security of your website.Keeping them can provide a strong base of security to your WooCommerce store. Every WooCommerce site can execute an individual security along with restore and backup plugins. Your Woocommerce store might have gone through certain alternatives, as the only objective of the plugin is to secure your store.

Check out this article if you want – Best recommended security plugins for your Woocommerce store.

5. Add SSL Certificates

SSL Certificates are a vital part of any eCommerce store. In order to secure the checkout process on your website, you must buy an SSL certificate from a certified vendor in order to keep your customers’ data safe.

Websites with SSL certificates have a padlock in the address bar of their browsers, as well as an https:// prior to their site address, both features that shape consumer trust.

Adding SSL certificates is very necessary if you want to keep your customer’s personal details safe and secure.

6. Always keep a Backup

Keeping backups of your websites must be amongst your top priorities.It is essential that you have a backup plan. It will give you a peace of mind, as you can easily restore your bug-free website quickly.

Whether it’s through hosting or a security plugin, having a backup will allow you to curtail any unexpected damage.

It is essential that you have a WooCommerce backup plan whether it is an eCommerce store, blog, web agency, or some other business running online.

7. Add two-step authentication

This is a most efficient way to make your website secure. By the use of two-step authentication, you can take your login page to next level. In this process, your password requires authorization code that is sent to your mobile phone which then let you log in your site. Often, the second login code is sent via SMS.


These are some the very useful tricks, to make your Woocommerce store and customers safe from the hackers. Follow these steps carefully and secure your store without spending a huge amount. The more you care about your website, the harder it will become for the hacker to attack.Share your experience with me. Thanks for reading!



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