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Finding the correct photo editing program for your specific needs can be intricate. A few photo editing programs are too complex and are primarily suited for professional photographers on account of the steep learning curve to master and use all the tools. On the contrary, other programs and apps are extremely simplistic and don’t afford you the control you require over your images.

Fotor is a superb photo editing software that positions nicely in between these two categories, offering you access to an extensive range of editing and design features and tools. This review of Fotor photo editor allows you to determine whether Photo Editing Online and Offline Tool is the right application for you!

Overview: Fotor- The Photo Editing Software

Review Of Online Photo Editor Fotor
Review Of Online Photo Editor Fotor

Fotor is a photo-editing application that is present as an online photo editor and poster maker, together with a mobile app and a downloadable desktop version for editing on the go. Getting to select between the three versions is excellent, as it permits you to choose the app that works finest for you, or even shift between them.

The Fotor web version allows you to access it from any computer possessing an internet connection. If you choose to edit your photos directly on your phone, the Fotor mobile app is one of the finest photo editor applications available presently.

With its extensive editing plus design tools and functionality, Fotor in its every version offers an amazing user experience and a continuous workflow. You can enhance and make a huge difference to your images, using its auto-color improvement features that perform magic with your images at a simple tap of a button.

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Key Functions Of Fotor

Fotor provides you the platform to innovate with images without being a specialist in Photoshop. Equipped with every basic and premium capacity, Fotor enables you to create stunning photos, detecting the best saturation and contrast through an adjustment of brightness, crop, blur, accentuate, insert text and vignette, erase red eyes, and a host of functions.

Some of its major functions that make Fotor feature-packed includes:

Designing Graphics

A go-to solution for marketers, post writers, and social media enthusiasts the graphic design function of Fotor lets anyone develop their captivating graphics content and share it on social sites.

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Editing Photo

The editing functions and patented HDR technologies of Fotor make it extremely simple to edit photos. A few of the tools used by you frequently while editing photos include:

  • Magic Clipper tool
  • Crop tool
  • Rotate tool
  • Basic tool
  • Fine-tune

Fotor Basic Editing Instance

As indicated by the name, you hit here when you desire to perform required edits to your pictures. Edits include:

  • Contrast
  • Brightness
  • Sharpness
  • Saturation
  • Fine Tune

Fine Tune

You will discover the following here:

  • Highlights
  • Exposure
  • Shadows

Vignette, Curves, Resize, Color, Crop

These tools are used by us quite often in any photo editing and are well known to most of us. Bearing that in mind, Fotor has made them easily available and accessible. They are simple to implement, and the alterations made by you are reversible as long as you do not click that apply button.

Effects And Beauty

You can insert effects to your photos, though most of them are only present to you if you paid for the services. Nevertheless, you can touch up your photos with basic effects for free.

It is equipped with a beauty tool that lets you retouch pictures and selfies.

Different Types Of Photo Collage for Photo Editing Online and Offline Tool

Review Of Online Photo Editor Fotor

You can collage photos according to your wishes with freestyles! Moreover, tons of classic collage templates are provided.

You can create a collage of your photos and post them on your Instagram account using Fotor. You are presented with four options to select on the type of college you wish to make. Depending on your chosen options you can pick different layouts for your photo collage. Following it, you are required to select the pictures that you wish to use.

The remaining part is more convenient as you simply need to drag and drop using its customization features like spacing, size, textures, and various color combinations.

Saving Options

After finishing all that complex work with your photos, it’s time to save it. You have two options to accomplish that, you can save it to the cloud or save it locally on your computer.

You have to decide the format for saving your final work. Fotor supports .png and .jpg formats and also offers you an option to export in pdf form if you needed to print.

Fast Batch Processing Feature

The Batch feature is present on the desktop version, and it’s a superb and useful feature. You can conserve time on your editing by sorting your photos into certain categories or batches. It’s fast and easy to choose your preferred effects and edit many photos at a time. For instance, you can resize or crop a whole bunch of images at once, insert borders, or choose a specific effect to employ on all of them.

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  • Intelligent effects and filters
  • Option to edit images in the mobile, web, and desktop version
  • A convenient collage maker
  • Fotor social network
  • A RAW file converter


  • Plenty of ads in the web and mobile apps
  • Inadequate amount of functions to substitute Lightroom
  • Extremely few possibilities for a deep image retouching
  • Not ideal for designing an image from scratch

Final Verdict On Photo Editing Online and Offline Tool

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When you consider it for a second, Fotor offers a strange combination. It’s absolutely simple to use, still, it presents professional-level tools. It is a photo editor on one hand. However, it is also a powerful tool that can be employed for graphic design. When we integrate all of this together, we get a highly exciting product that raises the bar high for any photo editor.

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