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Do you wish to increase sales on your WooCommerce store? Well, running a WooCommerce store might now be as easy as it seems. There are several marketing tactics you need to follow to drive traffic towards your website. Planning marketing strategies for your website can be quite tricky. So, here we are with a few excellent strategies that will definitely help you to convert your viewers to customers and also increase the sale on your website.

1. Give discount coupons:

Discount coupons are an excellent way of increasing the sale of your WooCommerce store. You will be able to customise the coupons to leverage the sale on your website. The coupons can also be a very good way of promoting your products. You will also be able to control the duration of validity of these coupons. The best thing about discount coupons is that you have complete control over who would receive your coupons. You can either target new customers or your potential buyers. You need to distribute the coupons properly to ensure maximum sale on your website. You must also promote your coupons on various platforms.

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2. Organize contests:

Contests have always been a very good marketing strategy. This helps to generate a lot of traffic towards your website. However, the contest should be exciting and interesting. Only then will it grab the attention of the users and increase the sale on your websites. Instead of conducting a single big contest, you can organise small contests. This will help to retain the interest of your visitors and the hype about the contest will continue to persist. The prizes that you offer should also be exciting so that your customers get attracted to your website.

3. Design a loyalty program:

Marketing Tactics to Increase Store Traffic
Marketing Tactics to Increase Store Traffic

A loyalty program will help you to retain your existing customers. It will also attract new customers to your WooCommerce store. You can award prizes and points to your customers for shopping at your store. This will make sure that they return back to your website. With each purchase they make, offer some loyalty points to your customers. This is a very good marketing strategy. You can also provide an increased amount of discount to the loyal customers. A huge variety of plugins are available for your WooCommerce store that will allow you to award loyalty points to the customers.

4. Take advantage of commercial holidays:

The commercial holidays are the days when maximum people visit your WooCommerce website. Some events like Cyber Mondays and Black Fridays have become a great source of income for commercial store owners. However, there are other commercial holidays as well and you must make the most out of each of these holidays. You may give special discounts on those particular events. You may also offer certain exclusive deals and carry out an elaborate campaign for your customers. 

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5. Offer free gifts:

Marketing Tactics to Increase Store Traffic
Marketing Tips to Grow Store Traffic

Gifts are something which everyone likes. A very interesting way of keeping your customers happy is by offering them with gifts. These gifts will encourage your customers to shop for more products. As a result, your average cart value will increase to a great extent. Fee gifts are also excellent for promotional purposes and they will drive new customers to your store. For best results, you can also couple flash sales with free gifts and your sale will increase exponentially.

6. Flash Sales:

woocommerce sale
Marketing Tips to Grow Store Traffic

One of the most popular ways for increasing sales on your website and driving traffic towards your WooCommerce store is flash sales. These flash sales help to create a sense of urgency in the minds of your viewers. You can also include a countdown timer to your website to increase the effectiveness of the sale. However, flash sales should be made available for a short duration of time. Not then will you be able to create a proper hype. You may promote your flash sale through social media platforms.

7. Send newsletters: 

Sending personalized newsletters can also be a great promotional method. However, you are required to customize the content of the newsletter according to the customers. Most people do not bother to customize the content before sending the newsletter. This is the reason why most newsletters fail to work effectively. If you wish to drive customers to your website from your newsletters then you will have to customize them before forwarding the newsletters to the customers. The newsletters should only display those products to the customers that they are genuinely interested in buying. While designing your newsletter, you must be very creative. The content must be tempting and it should catch the attention of the viewers.

8. Offer free shipping:

Another effective marketing technique is offering free shipping services to your customers. Free shipping services will stimulate the customers to purchase more products from your store. You may either keep this offer open for selected orders to open it for all kinds of orders. Most popular brands offer free shipping services on the first order. This will help you to get a lot of new customers.

9. Send abandoned cart emails:

Abandoned cart emails will remind your customers about the products that they have left in their cart. These mails will encourage your customers to come back to your website and make the purchase. Abandoned cart emails have a very positive impact on your WooCommerce store. It will be even more impactful if you could send a small discount along with the email reminder.

10. Sell in bulks

Always try to sell your products in bulks. This will help to increase the average basket. This can also be a great way of selling your unsold products. Always try to sell two products instead of one. Customers also tend to get attracted by combo offers. Bulk products also appear to be a good deal to the customers.

Final Thoughts on WooCommerce strategies

So, these were some of the best WooCommerce Marketing tips to Grow Store Traffic that are worth following if you own a WooCommerce store. You must implement these suggestions and you will be able to rule the market in a very short while.

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