E-learning vs Traditional Learning: Which one is best?

E-learning vs Traditional Learning

Having infinite modes to learn new things, let’s focus on the two of the main ways to attain knowledge while going through various points supporting E-learning vs. Traditional learning. E-learning has turned into the essence of learning in this digitally enhancing world. On the other hand, Traditional learning is the form of turning through all traditional methods of learning.

In order to learn and adapt new skills and knowledge, we go through various points and ways that could be most effective for us to grasp that knowledge. E-learning, or being more précised Electronic Learning, has become the most convenient form of training, lately. It is the form through which you not only learn new while at the same you get the chance to attain to earn through your skills and expertise. Being a digital mode of learning, it advances in many aspects through which you can set a digital base of study.

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E-learning vs. Traditional Learning

Traditional Learning or physical classroom learning, on the other side, has many barriers, whether it is about the fact you have to be present in person or taking the out time from your thick schedule. It acts insufficient in many ways for you to step back from learning.

Hence, like the other blog, we discussed E-learning vs. Classroom Learning. Similarly, in this blog, we will learn the reason behind the world’s transformation from traditional learning to this form of digital education.


Is E-Learning more effective than traditional learning?

E-learning or online learning tackles all the barriers of time and place. It provides us an opportunity to grasp new wisdom without being bothered to be present in person. We could learn about our interests while sitting back at home or wherever we feel like, by using our tablets, laptops, smartphones, etc. Moreover, you don’t have to step back from attaining expertise just because your busy schedule and the time of classes are clashing. There are various features like recording classes, pre-scheduling lectures, and many more options for you to overcome the barrier of time.

Traditional learning comes in hands with many inconveniences. One teacher is instructing a number of students simultaneously and using the same old method, without even bothering to be certain the students are grasping the points they teach. In addition, it involves more expenses as compared to online teaching, including paper, printing, travel fees, and so on.

Moreover, E-learning offers many exciting phases of online courses like digital assessments, live online classes, quizzes, and many more. When we get to know ahead, we learn that 50% percent of the students are choosing this learning style over traditional classrooms throughout the world.

Why is E-Learning more Compelling?

E-Learning- E-learning vs. Traditional Learning
E-learning vs. Traditional Learning

The points of online learning having the upper hand over traditional learning are almost endless. Being so effective, it has various advantages that leave the ancient form of instructions behind. There are various options in the form of innovative features and tools for us to step ahead in the field of wisdom. It enables you more freedom and flexibility to adapt new skills with the utmost convenience and the timeframe we choose.

One can attain effective proficiency in things with the comfort of sitting back home. You get the chance of earning the certificate in some skills while working at an organization accordingly, which turns quite troublesome with traditional education as you have to decide according to the instructors’ time schedule. As compared to

conventional education, online learning is less time-consuming because you choose the classes and topics you are only interested in rather than waiting for that topic to come into class.

Online Learning vs. Traditional Learning

Online Learning- E-learning vs. Traditional Learning
E-learning vs. Traditional Learning

As a mode of knowledge and expertise, both these methods seem to be the prime source of obtaining skills. But when we keep them single platter, we learn that there are so many deficiencies and efficacy in one another. It has been estimated lately that the demands for E-learning have increased as people are getting more aware of its convenience and productivity.

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Advantages of E-learning

Hence, to learn more about the benefits of E-learning, let’s discuss the advantages being described below:

1. Time and Convenience

An effective advantage of E-Learning is that it offers knowledge through convenience. You could take a step towards online education from anywhere and anytime. Just take out your tablet, pc, android phone, etc., and you are good to do. You aren’t required to hold back just because you have a tight work schedule and you can’t be present at the time of class.

2. The Barrier of Distance between Learning

It is most the situation that students back out from learning because the classes they are interested in training from are distant from their local residence. This drawback is easily overcome by online classes. The online students could take certification in the course of their choice from anywhere they feel.

3. Cost Efficient

Cost Efficient- E-learning vs. Traditional Learning
E-learning vs. Traditional Learning

E-learning basically deletes the expense of paper, printing, travel fees, etc. It lessens the cost of the teaching being present in the class in person. This point is the most significant benefit of E-learning as it costs a lot less compared to Traditional learning. Traditional education is way more expensive and sometimes exhausting to manage. Hence, saving your pocket is more manageable with online courses.

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4. Lesser Impact on Environment

This one turns out to be the noble factor of E-learning. It causes a lower impact on the environment as it gets lesser usage of paper, and thus, it indirectly saves the trees. Moreover, many organizations are adopting this way by making their work-staff train to leave a lesser footprint on the nature of the E-learning course they offer for employee efficacy and development.

5. Enhances Proficiency

The major point of this form of learning is that it enhances our proficiency. Attaining a new set of skills more conveniently leads to the advancement of productivity. You could get specialization in the field you are interested in with such ease and comfort.

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6. Advantages and Disadvantages of Traditional Learning

Knowing traditional learning with details, benefits, and drawbacks is also necessary in order to make the difference between the two. The following advantages, as well as disadvantages, could discuss

Advantages of Traditional Learning

1. Face-To-Face- E-learning vs. Traditional Learning

Students could be in personal contact with the tutors, clearing their doubts. This point acts as a practical point for traditional education that it offers students a chance to be in a face-to-face discussion with tutors, which could lead them to just learners more appropriately.

2. Experience of Different academic environments

Another point to discuss that is in favor of Traditional training is that it provides a chance for students to learn in a different environment, experiencing different phases of teaching at different places rather than sitting back at home.

3. Social Interaction- E-learning vs. Traditional Learning

Social Interaction
E-learning vs. Traditional Learning

When students get into traditional classes personally, then it gives them a chance to interact with others as well. As a result, they attain a better opportunity to make friends and socialize through traditional learning.

Disadvantages of Traditional learning

1. Expensive

As compared to E-learning, Traditional Learning, or in some cases referred to as campus learning, is a lot more costly as it takes the expenses of paper, printing charges, travel expenses, and so on. The amount of hiring a tutor who has to be in class in person costs more than an online class.

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2. Greater Impact on the Environment

There are an endless amount of course books being published and printed in a single day, causing an increase in the number of trees being cut. So, it has a greater impact on the environment than online teaching.

3. Lesser Flexibility

There are lesser options for teaching than E-learning. Being an ancient form of learning, it’s rigid in nature for anyone to follow the same set method in teaching.

3. Inconvenience

It can be frustrating as well as exhausting sometimes to face the same kind of routine, following it day by day. Whether it is about traveling to the classes or rescheduling our work, again and again, it could be inconvenient and effort-taking.

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E-learning vs. Traditional Learning: The Final Verdict

After going through each and every point of these two effective modes of learning, we see that each of them has its own features and properties to provide. While Traditional Learning offers greater scope for socializing and face-to-face teaching, E-learning offers the chance to attain skills through convenience and advancement.

Hence, if we take convenience, expense, as well as productivity in mind, we find that E-learning is a lot more compelling than the Traditional form of knowledge distribution. It helps us to adapt new expertise through more enhanced and updated methods of teaching, certifying us in the field and interest we want to learn.

There are many platforms that offer effective E-learning services as well as act as platforms that help us to set our own E-learning platforms. Various LMS solutions are trending these days to enable faultless services of online learning. Thus, we should take a step ahead in the phase of digital advancement through E-learning.

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