Better Brand Awareness

A highly effective advertising strategy is retargeting. However, most businesses aren’t making use of the full potential that exists. These 15 resources can help you improve your targeting, boost your ROAS, maintain Brand Awareness And Conversion, and reclaim any lost conversions.

Companies may better target previous site visitors by using information about their behavior during previous visits, such as which products were particularly interesting to the customer. This technique may tailor adverts and special offers to each client.

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Better Brand Awareness And Conversion

Using remarketing, your brand may have more meaningful interactions with the right people.

1. AdWords


AdWords is a service provided by Google for managing pay-per-click (PPC) advertising campaigns. You may customize your Google ad down to the individual characteristics of your business, including keywords, ad text, map, phone number, and business hours, all using the web program.

By setting a maximum bid, Google’s keyword bidding mechanism allows you to increase your ad’s visibility in search results for competitive keywords. You set a daily budget that doesn’t get spent unless someone engages with your ad in some way (through clickthrough or phone call). Ads can be purchased on a cost-per-click, cost-per-thousand-impression, or cost-per-acquisition basis (conversions on your site).

You may also see estimated CPCs and prospective ad spot costs in the Google Keyword Planner. Normal monthly search volume and competitive landscape are also shown in the presentation. For each term, a competitiveness index reveals how intense the advertising is. Keyword tracking is a critical component of many plans, which will help with forecasting. You may view comprehensive data on the relevant nations, cities, and municipalities for each search term.

2. Mailchimp


MailChimp is an email marketing service that automates the process of making, sending, and tracking the success of marketing emails and ads. The platform gives total campaign transparency, email monitoring, view success and clickthrough rates, bespoke reports, and the ability to manage subscribers and un-subscribers. Mailchimp enables you to develop unique templates and, at the same time, pick from a choice of pre-made themes and campaigns.

Mailchimp is also offered as a freemium solution – you may send up to 12,000 emails to 2,000 subscribers each month without any payment commitment. Advertising campaigns and marketing automation processes are only two of the many capabilities offered to free users. You can do all this and more using the Mailchimp mobile app, including making and sending campaigns, handling subscribers, and monitoring account activity.

Integrating your e-commerce platform with MailChimp lets you track customer orders, design specific campaigns, automate product follow-ups, and send customized order notifications. For any questions, Mailchimp users can refer to the online knowledge base or contact technical support through email or live chats.

4. Adroll’

AdRoll ad management- Brand Awareness And Conversion
Brand Awareness And Conversion

Over 15,000 companies, from the American Red Cross and Levi Strauss & Co. to Estee Lauder, Zendesk, and Tableau, utilize AdRoll. The cross-platform ad retargeting tool simplifies making and distributing targeted advertisements. AdRoll is a centralized hub for managing retargeting campaigns across 60+ major ad networks, including Google, Bing, and Yahoo! Facebook, Twitter, and mobile remarketing are all within your control.

AdRoll and its developers provide their customers with a wide range of optimization and personalization choices. Through customer segmentation based on more than 300 types of intent signals, AdRoll can target or exclude users depending on their activities, such as the goods they have browsed and where in the purchasing funnel they are.

Based on a user’s interests and the items they have already purchased, AdRoll may generate highly targeted, dynamic advertisements. AdRoll’s creative team can include CTAs, third-party product feeds, top-selling items, and more into advertisements for a more personalized and compelling consumer experience. AdRoll has built-in reporting and analytics that allow you to see the results of your A/B testing, split tests, and individual ad impressions.

5. Facebook Custom Audiences

It’s no secret that Facebook has a lot of personal information on each of its users. And it does not address the question of whether or not this should be a reason for alarm. However, it’s a must-have tool for reaching the appropriate demographic with your adverts. You can learn much about Facebook users if you’re a business user.

With Facebook’s custom audiences, you can quickly and easily get in touch with your target demographic. You may target customers who have already bought your goods or service and offer them a coupon for a review. As a starting point, you generate a bespoke audience, and then you instruct Facebook to find other users with similar characteristics to the seed audience.

With each person added to your custom audience, Facebook gains more information about who you want to target. You might be able to make those clients an offer they can’t refuse. Please put them in a special group and advertise to them using a tempting offer.

6. ConvertFlow

ConvertFlow is marketing automation software that helps companies and agencies build and deploy lead-generating tools, including surveys, landing pages, forms, quizzes, and pop-ups from one location. Campaigns and CTA procedures may be handled more efficiently using predefined templates based on various categories such as creative, blog, eCommerce, SaaS, website messaging, and sticky bars.

Using the drag-and-drop interface of ConvertFlow’s visual builder, businesses may arrange columns, sections, components, form fields (such as name, contact details, organization/industry, font, color, and custom codes), and more when making form content. Administrators may automate procedures and guide users to certain sites by setting triggers depending on circumstances such as scroll percentage, time spent on page, clicks, form submission, and exit intent for pop-ups. Landing pages, quizzes, surveys, and pop-ups may all have many configuration options for administrators to collect lead data and increase conversion rates.

Marketers may include forms in many locations across websites, including pop-ups, specialized parts, slide-up messages, blog posts, sidebars, and landing pages. Shopify, Google Analytics, Segment, WordPress, Zapier, Klaviyo, Ontraport, Drip, and Mailchimp are some of the many third-party apps that ConvertFlow makes easy to connect with.

7. Criteo

Utilizing the largest open shopper data collection and cutting-edge machine learning technology, Criteo has helped over 21,000 advertisers and thousands of direct media owners capture new customers and boost repeat purchases from existing ones. More than 1,200 commerce specialists in 25 countries assist international customers with their specific requests.

Using Criteo’s one-of-a-kind commerce dataset and commerce audiences, you can acquire more high-value customers and communicate with shoppers looking for your products. Maximize Audience reach across the buyer’s cycle with always-on campaigns, and onboard and activate your customer data using Criteo’s direct integrations to major CDPs and CRMs to increase repeat transactions from current customers.

With Criteo’s predictive bidding, dynamic creative optimization, and product suggestion technology, you can easily maximize your marketing budget and send timely, relevant messages to your target audience. Marketers and media owners can now safely and compliantly link, enrich, and activate their first-party data through the First Party Media Network, which was developed on privacy by design premise.

8. Instagram Retargeting Ads

Benefits Of Adding Instagram Feed
Brand Awareness And Conversion

Advertising on Instagram may now be fully automated with the help of Instagram Dynamic Ads, which display advertisements for products in which users have specifically shown interest. Some people have qualms about Instagram retargeting because it depends on tracking users and watching their actions.

The survey concluded that customers are fine with businesses storing data if it would improve their future encounters with a brand. When asked what kind of information they would be comfortable giving to brands, most customers would say information on the things they have bought. Next comes their email address, how long it’s been since they visited the site, and the various categories they’ve perused.

Online retailers access their Business Manager accounts, give their pixel a name, and proceed with the next steps. The next step is to embed the code into the site’s HTML. Installing the Facebook pixel is simple for those using systems like Shopify, requiring only a few steps. Alternatively, stores may manually import a custom list from their email program, customer relationship management system, or spreadsheet with the relevant data.

9. Fixel

Fixel is an artificial intelligence (AI) based audience segmentation solution for campaign managers and marketers. The cloud-based software helps customers divide their website visitors into groups according to their engagement, which can then be used for dynamic remarketing and to generate lookalikes.

With Fixel, marketers can rank website visitors according to their degree of involvement and activity on the website, allowing them to prioritize better and target specific customers. Add one line of code to your website or social media platform, and your business can start using Fixel to collect data insights and track events using machine learning and AI modeling in no time at all.

Each website user is given an instantaneous engagement score on a scale from “high” (very engaged) to “low” (barely interested) to “unengaged.” Users may then segment their audiences for advertising and content delivery based on how actively they engage with a certain platform. This can help with retargeting your most engaged users and audience segmentation by seeding lookalike audiences with information about your most engaged visitors.

10. Twitter’s Tailored Audiences

Twitter Marketing Tools- Brand Awareness And Conversion
Brand Awareness And Conversion

Ads on Twitter range from generic to highly specific. When a trend is promoted, it will show up in the “trending topics” section. Paying to have your account “Promoted” will jump to the front of the line and attract more followers. Last, Promoted tweets are at the top of the user’s timeline. Pay-for-performance on Twitter advertisements allows you to pay just those promoted tweets that will aid you in accomplishing your goals.

Audience manager is a highly powerful feature included in the Twitter advertisements account, which is used to monitor and analyze your audiences. Once an audience has been uploaded to your Twitter Ads, you can utilize the audience manager to check on its progress, examine its composition, make changes, remove it, and search for a similar-sized audience with whom to engage.

These methods can help a business communicate more effectively with its ideal customers. Twitter gives the tool, but how the tools are utilized is up to the brand. It’s simple to assess the efficacy of your marketing campaign. For your promoted account in timeline creative, you can view metrics down to the tweet level and an overview of your followers and promoted accounts.

11. Perfect Audience

Perfect Audience Campaign management software is strong and trustworthy. You gain multichannel, cross-device remarketing capacity with a huge reach via social media and search engines. Dynamic advertisements for several products can be aired simultaneously across various sites. Revenue tracking is a standard feature of retargeting programs. So this manner, you have a birds-eye view to observe exactly what is happening with your campaign.

Since the tracking tag is compatible with many CMSes, a Perfect Audience may be used with virtually any online or mobile product. You may count LMSs and other platforms like Shopify Merchant, Magento, WordPress, and Squarespace. Additionally, Shopify integration is built right in. The picture pixel can be copied from the dashboard and pasted into the program. You also integrate marketing automation technologies and email marketing solutions to boost your campaigns’ success further.

Entrepreneurs, Marketers, Small business owners, SaaS company owners, Agency owners, and E-commerce business owners are a few who utilize this remarketing engine. Perfect Audience is useful for anyone who wants to utilize remarketing to increase sales from their various funnels.

12. SharpSpring Ads- Brand Awareness And Conversion

SharpSpring, a Constant Contact subsidiary, is a revenue growth marketing platform that helps small businesses create leads, enhance conversions to sales, and achieve greater returns on marketing spending. Our unique platform, open design, free customer support, and customizable contracts deliver real results for a growing business or digital marketing agency.

The intuitive drag-and-drop editor in SharpSpring forms makes it easy to create, rearrange, and modify form fields. Most fields are auto-completed for recurring visitors, and SharpSpring’s advanced profiling function allows you to collect additional information on your leads as they engage with your forms over time. Track all sales opportunities from inception to closing with a high-level view of the complete pipeline. You may tailor SharpSpring’s pipeline to meet your unique sales procedure.

SharpSpring analytics give relevant and reliable data for better decision-making and a clear knowledge of your return on investment. Even better, ROI may be split down by specific campaigns. Thanks to the robust rules engine, marketing automation is a breeze. Using visual workflows, you can easily personalize the user experience and interact with prospects at each sales funnel stage.

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13. ReTargeter- Brand Awareness And Conversion

ReTargeter is a cutting-edge advertising tool created to help businesses get the most out of their advertising budgets by strengthening their brands and attracting the customers most likely to purchase. ReTargeter offers the best account management in the business in addition to highly targeted, real-time digital advertising solutions.

By delivering relevant display adverts to the right people at the right time, ReTargeter allows you to maximize the effectiveness of your marketing initiatives. That means your brand, goods, and services are always in front of your high-value targets, guaranteeing that your brand stays on top of your target audience’s minds. The app promotes return visits and enhances conversion as well as return business.

Create a one-of-a-kind audience for your marketing efforts by combining the right demographic, regional, behavioral, interest, and purpose information. Leverage online and offline data to build unique people-based audiences, allowing you to more precisely target your Audience and reach a larger number of individuals. Deliver advertisements to your site’s visitors as they explore the web to keep your brand in their minds. Put your client information database online. Use only an address or email to serve display advertising.

14. Wunderkind Audiences- Brand Awareness And Conversion

Target Audience- Brand Awareness And Conversion
Brand Awareness And Conversion

In the world of performance marketing, Wunderkind is at the forefront as the engine that allows top brands to deliver personalized messaging at a massive scale. Businesses use Wunderkind to remember who site visitors are better than ever before, sending high-performing, one-to-one communications on websites, through emails and texts, and in advertisements at a scale that’s not otherwise conceivable. Wunderkind delivers $2.8 billion yearly in directly attributable income for big companies like Uniqlo, Sonos, and HelloFresh, typically ranking as a top-3 revenue channel.

Wunderkind is a premier performance marketing engine that offers personalized experiences at scale. Digital companies utilize Wunderkind to improve their user identification capabilities, sending highly effective, personalized messages to consumers across various channels, including websites, emails, SMS, and advertisements.

Since you know who more people are and have a bigger list, you can deliver behavioral marketing messages to more individuals and link the purchase process across sessions and devices. Foster a direct interaction with your guests and monetize their time on-site with high-impact advertising that doesn’t disturb their user experience. Pay for the best advertising spots ever. To increase your ROAS, our devices are fully viewable and activated by user activity.

15. Sizmek-Brand Awareness And Conversion

Sizmek began operations twenty years ago, in 1999. It is one of the oldest advertising platforms with years of expertise. It is an independent platform for advertising. Campaigns can be developed, disseminated, personalized, measured, and optimized across multiple devices with the help of Sizmek Ad Suite, a global multichannel ad server.

It provides:

  • Comprehensive dynamic creative optimization tools.
  • Media Rating Council-approved measurement.
  • A variety of writing possibilities for your creative content.

Sizmek’s people-based creative optimization platform allows them to make lasting impressions. In today’s digital marketplace, making an impression that sticks with your customers is crucial. Sizmek delivers strong, integrated solutions so creativity and analytics work together, optimizing campaigns across all media. When your communications click, you make a bigger splash and take your company to new heights.

Sizmek runs its platform in more than 70 countries, with local offices delivering award-winning service throughout North America, EMEA, LATAM, and APAC, and connecting more than 20,000 advertisers and 3,600 agencies to consumers around the world, serving over 2.3 trillion impressions each year.

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16. can help you optimize your online store for maximum profit using the data gathered from visitors’ behavior on your site. monitors user actions to learn about their experience with your website and identify potential trouble spots.

Perhaps a specific page causes them to lose interest and leave, or perhaps the checkout procedure is too lengthy or insecure for them to feel comfortable providing their personal information. employs a unique algorithm to observe activity and develop profiles so that you may improve the user experience on your site and assist website visitors in acquiring the items they want to buy more quickly.

Another major aspect of this system is its ability to deliver tailored messages depending on predetermined triggers automatically. Based on a user’s actions, you may tailor a unique message and deliver it to them by email, text message, or even display it on the site itself. You can use our new creative builder with auto-generated material, stunning animations, and fascinating stickers. Send triggered emails, push alerts, and SMS with up to a 15% Conversion Rate.

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Conclusion of Brand Awareness And Conversion

This extensive collection of brand awareness remarketing tools should be useful to entrepreneurs of all stripes. In today’s digital age, businesses of all sizes may begin advertising and utilize remarketing to boost conversion rates. Make sure you properly vet the personnel you will have handling your account and marketing.
Remember those retargeting advertisements can’t be run until someone visits your website first.

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