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Description: If you intend to start an eCommerce website through WordPress, you will need the best payment gateway. This is a third party service that lets clients make online payment transactions. You should also have the best security feature to benefit from it.

It’s good to use direct payment options instead of depending on contact forms for transacting manually. Using an online payment gateway has many advantages, and you will make the most out of it if you have good security measures. What the clients always want is a payment mode they like being displayed on the site. Continue reading our guidelines to know the right payment gateway providers to consider when you create an eCommerce website.

The preferred payment gateways for E-commerce

  1.  eMerchantpay for WooCommerce
  2.  Fondy
  3.  2Checkout
  4.  WPPayForm

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1. eMerchantpay for WooCommerce

This payment gateway allows eCommerce businesses to pay money safely and quickly with a straightforward integration through API.
A person can increase his/her online shop conversions using a powerful and safe payment gateway that will allow him/her to get money without friction for the clients.

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2. Fondy

This payment gateway is meant for WooCommerce individuals. It enables site owners to receive money for their sites with no difficult codes or setup. Users additionally get a chance to select from many currencies and begin getting money.
Creating the section for payment is so simple since it only entails a few steps. Using one button constructor, it is possible to create and install transaction processing on a site.
A person also has complete control over his/her transactions. This company operates in more than thirty nations, and they offer services to over eight thousand online portals. The organization provides many features, and it is likely to be a famous transaction system.

3. 2Checkout

This is a premium WordPress payment gateway, which people should consider if they are creating transaction gateways for a WordPress eCommerce site. Besides providing the best collection of features, this Paypal payment gateway additionally offers features such as the conversion of currency and international payments.
A person may decide to add his/her transaction location or process the transaction on this platform. 2Checkout is free, however, users are required to pay for the service as per how they use it. It has fifteen languages and eighty-seven currencies, making it a real worldwide alternative. Besides supporting PayPal it also supports debit and credit cards. This makes it a reliable option for many WordPress sites.

4. WPPayForm

This payment gateway is ideal for those who want to get funds on donation forms, registration of events, and even from their WordPress website directly.
This gateway is simple to use as a contact form on a website. You will then link a transaction button with a submit button. There are also many input fields allowing you to customize forms the way you wish.
This gateway has an in-built Stripe transaction gateway where people link their Stripe account and begin getting payments.
WPPayForm supports over one hundred currencies making it possible to accept funds in any currency. And with the management system for submission, users can see the transactions that were successful and those that failed. They can also filter transactions by status and form.
WPPayForm additionally has a pro version that provides additional features, which include Custom CSS, options for payment, fields for tax, and more.

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This payment gateway is very popular because it comprises of tools which protect from fraud. It is PCI DSS approved, and that protects the clients and e-commerce company owners from fraudsters. To utilize it, a person must set up a merchant bank account and register. The service begins at twenty-five dollars each month.
This gateway is available for people who reside in the United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, America, and Europe. But global transactions are allowed by any person who has a valid method of paying.
This Ecommerce payment gateway additionally provides support for automated transactions with automatic alerts sent to people for upcoming payments. It is even compatible with systems such as Wells Fargo, Shopify, and others.

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We believe you’ve now learnt what is a payment gateway and why getting the right payment gateway services is crucial in eCommerce. You require the gateway that functions properly and is safe. This is the only way to give the clients great shopping experience. Which of the gateways we have talked about here suits you? Write us and ask any questions that you may have.

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