Balancing Academics and Blogging: Strategies for Student Bloggers

Balancing Academics and Blogging

Even in times dominated by visual content, blogging still holds a strong position. Blogging still charms people, especially those who value reading over watching. This means it’s still a great avenue for reaching audiences and making money through it or simply giving a wider base to your thoughts and ideas.

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Students love it for two main reasons – the chance it offers to make passive income and the scope it provides to improve writing. There are some challenges too. The biggest roadblock for student bloggers is usually the lack of time. You juggle between academics and blog writing and this can leave you drained. But this problem has some easy solutions which we’ll cover here. This will enable you to balance academics and blogging easily.

Seek guidance if you see yourself struggling

Everybody in college is busy with something or the other. Your batchmates and teachers have their plates full at all times. Academic institutes have a lot of responsibilities for everyone. This means you might not get the right help when you need it. In these crunch situations, you need to look for help outside of your usual circle. You don’t need to head to social media groups or library books for that. When you want to submit a paper on time and do blog content as well, look for professional writing services. This is what I always do – to pay someone to do my essay when I fail to get help internally or lack time to do it myself. For the best results on every order, you could try EduBirdie which is popular among students of all age groups.

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Time management is important

How you manage the limited time you have defines your success in balancing academics and blogging in the long run. Time management is something you need to master for this balancing act. Student bloggers lack time. You have to continuously juggle between study sessions and generating blog content, as well as personal time. To manage your time effectively, create small blocks that are allocated to studying, blogging, and extracurricular activities. There are plenty of free and paid apps for to-do lists that can help you make your task easier. While allocating time to different activities, do not forget the importance of proper sleep time and other personal things.

Brainstorm like a pro

Content is the lifeline of every blog. Sometimes, you might lack a good idea and that can make even a simple-looking topic take up hours to shape up. It’s the same with academic essays and papers. This is why before you start blogging, identify your niche. Understand who your audience is, what topics you can easily write on and how you can create some correlation between your academic targets and blogs. These things will make blogging quite easier. Always choose a niche that provides you ample scope to experiment freely.

Write efficiently without sacrificing quality

Balancing both academics and blogging at the same time doesn’t mean you need to sacrifice quality for speed. Lack of time may tempt you to work on something fast and publish average work. But that should not happen in an ideal scenario. You should research your chosen topics thoroughly before writing and take every step to streamline the writing process. Use tools and work on writing prompts or outlines first. This will help you to stay focused and avoid writer’s block. Proofread and edit your content meticulously before you press the publish button on your website.

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Maintain academic integrity – Check for plagiarism in a good tool

Academic integrity goes a long way in defining you as a person and has an impact on your career too. As mentioned earlier, whenever you will lack time, there will be a temptation to take shortcuts. These are the times when you need to have clarity in your mind. Understand the consequences of plagiarizing work. Always cite your sources, even for information found online. Master the art of quotation marks and in-text citations. Your goal should be to be an original contributor in your field.

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No goal is too difficult to achieve if you know how to plan well and work smartly towards it. This is the same in the case of managing academics and blogging at the same time. You just need to follow these above-mentioned expert tips. After a very short period, you will see considerable progress in both the fields. This happens because of your ability to manage two things at the same time without compromising even the slightest on any one of them. Academics should remain a priority but that should not let you kill your blogging dreams. So go ahead and enjoy both.

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