We Continuously focusing on including some additional and essential features in Woo Sell Services which is a great plugin to sell services online from your WooCommerce Store. In this way, we’ve got you some features covered.

Introducing Order base support Agent for the services :

WooCommerce store

This feature enhancement gives the capability to vendors to assign a specific order to a specific user. With this feature, a shop manager now can include another user in a particular service order without giving access to all service orders.

Let’s suppose you have an order with some additional requirements, So you want an additional agent for this order only without disturbing other orders for the same service. You can do this with the Woo Sell Services plugin.

To assign an additional support agent in a particular order, do the following:

  • Navigate to woocommerce > orders > Edit order > Order detail
  • Select the support agent from the drop-down
  • Update the order

Note: This vendor would have the same roles and responsibilities for the assigned order. For Example, he can send messages to the customers, Can view notifications, access the Service status widget, and send final delivery as well.

Introducing Variation Level delivery date:

Woo Sell Services

With this feature, Now the vendor can set a different delivery date for a different service variation. For example, you have created a service and added multiple variations for this.

For each variation, you have set different attributes. Like you are offering different features for different prices. So now you have to set your delivery date based upon the services you are offering.

Woo Sell Services plugin is now providing this feature. For this follow the below steps :

  • Navigate to woocommerce > products > Add New
  • Fill out the title and Description
  • Select variable product type, and don’t forget to click the service check box to avail woo sell services functionality
  • Create variations for the attributes
  • Fill the requirement questions and save the service
  • After saving the services, again go back to the variation and edit this
  • You will find a meta-box to fill delivery date for the different variations
  • Set delivery date and again save the service.

Introducing – Status base service listing and feature to search services on the front end :

sell services online

To make the system more user-friendly we have given a feature to list services based upon status on the front end. In this way, users can easily navigate to their services based upon their status. We have introduces 3 statuses L

  1. Active
  2. Completed
  3. Canceled


  1. Active: Services, which have the status is Processing means are under progress or we can say that vendors are working on them will be listed under the active tab.
  2. Completed: Services, for which final delivery has been accepted by the customers will be listed under the Completed tab.
    Note: Now the status of the services will automatically be changed from processing to complete, once final delivery is accepted.
  3. Canceled: Services that are canceled for any reason will be listed under the canceled tab.

The vendor can now search a particular service using an order id or customer’s email id, without scrolling a long list.

Recently, one more feature is added in Woo Sell Services v4.3.0 update.

Added Option for Enable/disable support agent

sell services online

On Enabling this setting, it will show an option for assigning additional support agent in the frontend vendor dashboard service requirements option.

sell services online

The Above setting will work in a similar way with other multivendor plugins like Dokan, WCFM, and WC Vendors.

Final Thoughts

Woo Sell Services is the ultimate plugin to sell services online from your WordPress WooCommerce Store. Take advantage of its great features that will help you to sell your services efficiently. If you have any suggestions, we eagerly waiting for your thoughts. Let us know! what you want to be added as a new feature.

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