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Hundreds of blogs are created each day and if you browse through these newly created blogs by the beginners over the web then you will observe some of the most basic mistakes that they commit which makes them vague. Creating a blog is simple, but creating a blog of good quality can be tricky. There are some really important considerations which although are very basic but are overlooked usually.

Your blog’s design and layout is something that takes time, careful planning, and careful attention to detail. But have you ever paused to think about where you’re getting inspiration for your design? If you’re only copying other blogs, are you really doing anything unique? Instead, maybe you should turn your attention towards the offline world. We are listing these steps that you should keep in your mind in our list of 5 ways to find blog design inspiration offline.

Stop the Quick Fix of Online Inspiration

The first step to getting into the habit of finding offline, or “natural,” inspiration is to stop looking at online inspiration in the first place. For many designers, online is the first place to look. It shouldn’t be.

The problem with showcases and galleries is that most of us tend to copy bits and pieces of them, thus creating a mish-mash of everything we’ve seen. This isn’t how design, or any creative field, should work. While graphic and Web designers are different from traditional artists, we should treat the creative “back end” any different. After all, we got into this field to be creative and express our artistic talents, so, why don’t we?

Forms of Offline Inspiration

Let’s start by discussing what we can do to derive new forms of offline inspiration. Below are some tried and true methods for uplifting one’s inner creativity… without using a of Offline Inspiration

Let’s start by discussing what we can do to derive new forms of offline inspiration. Below are some tried and true methods for uplifting one’s inner creativity… without using a browser.


Nature is easily one of the places to find inspiration. Not only does it have variety, color, and interest, but it takes its effect on us by mere instinct. Because of this, finding inspiration on a walk, a hike or just sitting in a park doesn’t take much effort. Let’s look at a few specific places where one can find it, though.


Weather is just one part of what nature has to offer. Because the weather is so closely related to mood, it can be a great source of inspiration. Think of your favorite season, a stormy night or a sunny day at the beach; take in the colors, textures, and mood and implement them in a design.

Life Forms

While weather can influence and inspire a mood, life forms have yet far more variety than weather. Whether plant life or animals, a number of exquisitely designed elements are available from which to draw inspiration, through texture, shape, color, etc.

Geography and Landscape

Geography and landscape are another major sources of inspiration. Taking in your natural surroundings can have a calming effect on your mind and motivate you to design. Beyond whatever comes to you naturally, look at shape, texture, and color, too.

Museum Visit

Like nature, simply walking through a museum can relieve stress and, in turn, inspire. It doesn’t have to be a museum for art or design either. A science museum, historical museum or even aquarium or zoo can work. The point is to see things that are not in our everyday lives while being in an environment that allows you to really focus on and appreciate them.

Being in a museum can lead us to new things, such as:

  • Alternative cultures and their arts;
  • Traditional or classical art;
  • An attention to different senses and a more empirical way of thinking (think of a science museum);
  • Weird, strange or outrageous exhibits to help us think outside of the box (like a “Ripley’s Believe It or Not” museum);
  • Historical objects that are shown in photographs and another media.

We hope that, with these vital insights, you will now learn to drive some major blog design inspiration offline.

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