BuddyX Theme v2.8.0

= 2.8.0 =
* Improvement: Managed BuddyPress group reviews star rating alignment
* Improvement: Added page template without sidebar and theme fixes
* Improvement: Update rtmedia - main.php file
* Fix: Updated bp-profile-completion-widget.php
* Improvement: German translation Included
* Improvement: (#99) Managed content layout with other CPT's
* Improvement: Fixed page stuck issue when page scrolling up
* Improvement: Update wc-vendor.css file
* Improvement: (#97) Managed WC vendor dashboard page UI
* Improvement: (#98) Managed WooCommerce error message UI
* Improvement: (#95) Added BadgeOS Support
* Improvement: (#94) Added myCred support
* Improvement: (#93) Added GamiPress support and theme fixes
* Improvement: Video Image with url update
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