BuddyX Pro Theme v3.3.0

= 3.3.0 =
* Improvement: Update single event, mediapress images listing, sidebar fixes
* Improvement: Managed activity action buttons iconic view in mobile view
* Improvement: (#315) Fixed - Sidebars on create group page
* Improvement: Header user link is clickable
* Improvement: (#314) Managed events manager events, single event page UI
* Improvement: (#311, #312) Buddypress lock unlock activity, buddymessageUX fixes
* Improvement: (#310) Managed UI with buddypress activity plus
* Improvement: (#307) Managed login button UI with buddypress private community
* Improvement: (#304) Managed jobs listing, job dashboard page UI
* Improvement: (#305) Managed buddypress group email subscription UI
* Improvement: (#302) Added mediapress support
* Improvement: (#306) Added do_action hooks
* Improvement: Managed recently active members UI with gamipress
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