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Are you seeking distinctions between MemberPress vs LearnDash, or are you looking to determine the right WordPress plugin for your website? MemberPress serves as a comprehensive WordPress membership plugin, ideal for incorporating membership functionalities into diverse sites such as communities, eCommerce platforms, and online courses. On the other hand, LearnDash is a robust WordPress plugin specifically designed for constructing eLearning websites, though it also incorporates some membership features.

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MemberPress is a powerful WordPress plugin designed for membership management. It enables website owners to effortlessly create, sell, and manage memberships on their sites. With MemberPress, you can establish different membership levels, each offering varying access to content, products, or features. The plugin includes tools for content restriction, allowing you to control which members can access specific pages or posts. MemberPress seamlessly integrates with various payment gateways for secure transactions, and it also provides features such as coupons and discounts to enhance membership sales.


LearnDash is a feature-rich WordPress plugin that specializes in creating and managing online courses. It is designed to transform your WordPress site into a fully functional Learning Management System (LMS). With LearnDash, you can easily organize and deliver courses, lessons, quizzes, and other educational content in a structured and engaging manner. The plugin provides tools for drip-feeding content, allowing you to schedule the release of course materials over time. LearnDash also supports gamification elements, including quizzes, certificates, and badges, to enhance user engagement.

Comparison Table

Feature MemberPress LearnDash
Primary Purpose Membership Management Learning Management System (LMS)
Membership Levels Yes, supports multiple membership levels No, focuses on courses and lessons
Content Restriction Yes, restricts access to pages/posts based on membership Yes, organizes content into courses, lessons, and topics
Payment Gateways Integrates with various payment gateways Integrates with popular payment gateways
Coupons and Discounts Yes, allows the creation of coupons and discounts Yes, supports discount coupons for courses
Reporting and Analytics Built-in reporting tools for membership performance Provides analytics on course progress and user performance
Drip-Feed Content No, not a primary feature Yes, allows scheduling the release of course content over time
Gamification Limited gamification features Yes, includes features like quizzes, certificates, and badges
Course Creation Limited course creation features Robust course creation and organization capabilities
Membership Integration Can integrate with LearnDash and other plugins Can integrate with membership plugins like MemberPress
Support Offers support via email, documentation, and forums Offers support, documentation, and community forums
Ease of Use User-friendly interface for setting up memberships Intuitive interface for creating and managing online courses
Integration Can integrate with various third-party tools and plugins Integrates with popular WordPress themes and plugins

MemberPress Vs Learndash

MemberPress and LearnDash are both popular WordPress plugins, but they serve different purposes. MemberPress is primarily a membership plugin, while LearnDash focuses on creating and managing online courses.

Let’s dive into a detailed comparison of the two:


MemberPress: It is designed for creating and managing membership websites. It allows you to restrict content, sell digital products, and create a membership site with various access levels.
LearnDash: It is a Learning Management System (LMS) specifically designed for creating and managing online courses. LearnDash enables you to create lessons, quizzes, and assignments.

Membership Features

MemberPress: Offers robust membership features such as content restriction, drip content, subscription management, and the ability to sell digital products. It integrates with popular payment gateways for seamless transactions.
LearnDash: While LearnDash is not primarily a membership plugin, it does offer some membership-like features. For example, it allows you to create a membership site by restricting access to courses based on user roles or membership levels.

Course Creation and Management

MemberPress: It is not specifically designed for creating courses. While you can sell access to digital products and create content drips, it lacks the comprehensive course creation features that LearnDash provides.
LearnDash: Offers extensive course creation and management features. You can create multi-tier courses, quizzes, assignments, and certificates. It provides a structured learning environment with lesson progression and prerequisites.

Content Dripping

MemberPress: Allows you to drip content to members over time, releasing new content gradually based on their subscription or membership level.
LearnDash: Provides advanced content dripping capabilities. You can schedule when lessons, quizzes, and assignments become available to learners, allowing for a more structured learning experience.

Quizzes and Assessments

MemberPress: While it does support quizzes, MemberPress is not as specialized in this area compared to LearnDash. Quizzes are more basic and may not offer the same level of customization.
LearnDash: Offers robust quiz and assessment features, including various question types, quiz timers, and the ability to create quizzes that contribute to the overall course grading.


MemberPress: Integrates with various payment gateways, email marketing tools, and third-party plugins to enhance functionality.
LearnDash: Also integrates with payment gateways and email marketing tools, and it has a wide range of third-party integrations to extend functionality. It is known for compatibility with many popular WordPress plugins.

User Experience

MemberPress: Provides a user-friendly interface for managing memberships, subscriptions, and digital products.
LearnDash: Offers a user-friendly course creation interface and a front-end design that allows for a seamless learning experience.


MemberPress: Offers different pricing plans based on the features you need. The cost is primarily associated with the membership features it provides.
LearnDash: Also has tiered pricing plans, with the cost being associated with the online course creation and management features.

Which Is Better In Comparison To Memberpress Vs Learndash?

Choosing between MemberPress and LearnDash depends on your specific needs. If your main goal is to create a membership site with features like content restriction, subscription management, and digital product sales, MemberPress is the better choice. It provides a user-friendly interface tailored for membership management.

On the other hand, if you are focused on creating and managing online courses with advanced features such as quizzes, content dripping, and structured learning paths, LearnDash is the superior option. LearnDash excels in delivering a comprehensive Learning Management System (LMS) experience, making it suitable for educators and organizations looking to offer engaging and interactive online courses.

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Final thought On Memberpress vs Learndash

In the decision between MemberPress and LearnDash, consider the primary purpose of your website. If you prioritize building a membership site with content restriction and subscription management, then MemberPress is the better fit. It excels in creating a seamless membership experience. Conversely, if your focus is on delivering online courses with advanced features like quizzes, content dripping, and structured learning paths, LearnDash is the superior choice. It offers a comprehensive Learning Management System (LMS) tailored for educators and organizations.

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