I have a friend, Andre, who always complains that instead of enjoying his Christmas vacations, he has to work on every Christmas Eve to keep his site updated and running. I know this seems to be harsh but he can do nothing as Christmas is the best business time for his site. So, in order to ensure that Andre enjoys this Christmas vacation, I decided to help him manage his site without even being there. However, I must not take complete credit for this and instead be thankful to WordPress that makes content sharing and automation as easier as it gets. What’s better is that WordPress does this without even letting your users know that you are not there.

Techniques To Manage Your Website Without Being There

Hence, if you are planning to go on a long vacation or even a weekend trip to get your mind off your work and relax for sometime, follow these tips and tricks that will help you manage your site whenever you are away from your desk. Take a look at the five simple yet important techniques that will help you achieve this.

1.Automatic Post Updation

Manage Your Website
Manage Your Website

Being the best Content Management System on the internet, WordPress allows you to automatically schedule posts on your blog or website for the future. Automatic scheduling is one of the most powerful features of WordPress. You can easily set a future publishing date and time for your post to be published and then hit the ‘Schedule’ button (this is visible in place of ‘Publish’ button). Once you do this, WordPress will make sure that your post is updated on your site on the mentioned date and time.

So, if you’re planning to go on a vacation and still need blogs to be updated on a daily basis, plan your blogs now and schedule them before you leave. WordPress will take care of the rest.
Not only for vacations, but auto scheduling is also extremely helpful to plan, manage and strategize website content. It also helps you to schedule posts for an audience that belongs to a different time zone.

Hence, go and enjoy your vacation without even thinking about your site content for a single moment.

2.Automatic Social Media Sharing

Manage Your Website
Social Post Scheduling Manage Your Website

Social media sharing is one of the primary marketing strategies of every brand today. Hence, if you keep updating blogs on your site and not share them on social media, chances are less that all your blogs will reach the targeted audience. Therefore, automatic social media sharing is a boon for your WordPress site. In fact, even if you do not have new blogs, you can schedule your older posts when you’re away.

Moreover, to activate automatic social media sharing on your WordPress site, all you need is a simple plugin. In fact, you do not even need a complete plugin for that but just a feature of the all-reliable plugin Jetpack called Publicize. You can link all your social media accounts and automatically share new posts on all of them with a simple ‘sharing’ button under the settings tab of Publicize. Once you have linked your social media accounts, your posts will be shared everywhere as soon as a post is published on your site.

Similar to automatic post updation, it not only shares new and scheduled posts but also older posts from the archive. This implies you can reshare old content and set the frequency of shares and exclude posts which are time-limited automatically.

Hence, even if you go away for a year, you can make your content work and make your brand recognizable to new customers and do all without doing anything.

3.Automatic Email Generation

Manage Your Website
Automatic Email Manage Your Website

Emails are also a great way to engage your audience and establish brand trust among users. Hence, if you’ve got a mailing list and you want these users to receive emails even when you’re gone, scheduling them before you go is the best option. This is not difficult at all and involves just a few clicks to automate the process even for lists that have many users.

You can choose an email provider like MailChimp that easily integrates with WordPress and lets you create and schedule your emails before your vacations. You can even schedule post alerts to be sent to your subscribers as soon as the post is published.

Hence, with the three points mentioned above, you can drive all kinds of traffic to your site and leave no stone turned to convert your potential customers into loyal ones.

4.Automatic Plugin And Core Updates

Manage Your Website
Updates Manage Your Website

Updating plugins and your WordPress site are extremely important to ensure smooth functionality, effective display and even security of your WordPress site. Updating these are not difficult but it may take a lot of time to update some of these. Hence, the best option here is to let WordPress handle it.

The good news is that since the release of WordPress 3.7, updates for minor and security releases can be automated. This is true for major or core updates as well. What’s better is that you will receive an email as and when the updates are installed. The only drawback this method has is that it can sometimes install updates for third-party plugins that are not safe.

Hence, for updating third party themes and plugins, you can use the most reliable update plugin, Easy Updates Manager. This incredible plugin with more than 200,000+ installs manages all types of updates including themes, plugins and even the core updates. Hence, if you want to turn on automatic updates on WordPress, you can use this plugin to even more securely and swiftly. This plugin allows you to specifically select plugins and themes that you want to be updated when you are not there and keep those updates off that you are not sure of.

5.Site Security And Backup

Manage Your Website
Site Security And Backup Manage Your Website

Site Security and Backup are essential parts of your WordPress site as nothing is 100% secure in this world. However, you do not need to worry as WordPress is equipped with the best free and paid plugins for instant security and backups of your site. The best plugin to automate security and ensure a strong defense is WordFence. With more than 2 million installs, this plugin supports an endpoint firewall and malware scanner especially crafted for WordPress. It will ensure that your site stays strong against all suspicious attacks even when you are not there.

For automated backups, you can use BackupBuddy or UpdraftPlus. Both these plugins are efficiently created to manage automatic backups at specific scheduled times. This time can range from many times a day to once in a week. However, we would recommend you to set this time duration to 3-4 hours a day when you’re gone for a vacation.

Let’s Go On An Awesome Vacation

All the actions that you need to undertake before leaving for your awesome trip to the land of your dreams will hardly take an hour to complete. Hence, adopt these steps and ensure a hassle-free and fun-filled break from work without disturbing the flow of your WordPress website.

These five effective techniques will ensure that you keep your site updated and moving even without anyone looking after it till you come back. Even better, some of these automation services can be used after you’re back, to save time and efforts and hopefully earn an extra vacation.

So, get ready to go for an awesome vacation even if you haven’t planned one and enjoy your life because everybody needs a break after all.


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