All About WordPress: How Users Can Submit A Post From Front-End

Front End Post Submission WordPress

Front end post submission WordPress can be used in tons of distinct instances.

Do you want to make your website user interactive, if yes then this article is for you?

Let’s discuss how one can provide the ability for front end submission without a single line of code.

Benefits of WordPress Front-End post submission

It makes your site user-friendly and interactive, by submitting their thoughts in the form of a blog, it attracts a large number of people and converts them from viewer to user.

Making site user interactive can also help you in SEO point of view as it increases user’s interest and ultimately traffic.

The cherry on the cake is the next important aspect of combining front-end post submission with custom post types.
Now you can allow your users to submit various types of data by elaborating the functionality of your website. It can be a job listing site, an event listing site or a site for selling items.

How to allow Front-end post submission

WordPress Community Theme

There are two ways to move forward:

  • Coding approach
  • Using a plugin

Using a plugin is more user-friendly even if, you are not tech-savvy it’s easy to use.  Here, we’ll discuss Toolset an all-in-one toolkit for building a custom WordPress site.

Create your own e-commerce site, listing, directories, and membership, as it handles lots of building blocks, some are as follow:

How to Start

All you need is to install Toolset plugin at your WordPress site via
Dashboard >> Plugins >> Add New >> upload
or you can manually upload it via FTP/Cpanel.

Now we’ll look forward to creating a form for front-end post submission. As we discussed, Toolset can easily work with custom post types too, but here we’ll focus on a guest blog post.

For the blog posts, all you need is Toolset forms module make sure you have activated the same.

Now, let’s dig the steps for settings and configuration.

1) New Post form creation

After installing and activating the Toolset plugin head towards
Dashboard >> Toolset >> Post Forms >> Add New

front end post submission WordPress


You will be redirected to instruction wizard that will guide you for further steps, read the instructions and click on “exist wizard” button to move forward.

front end post submission WordPress


Enter the form title on the next step.

front end post submission WordPress


2) Settings Configuration

In this step, you will get the following options to set as per your choice:

Form Type – Allows you to select the type of form i.e. whether it will be a “Add New content” or “Edit existing content” type.

Post type to create/edit – Allows you to select the post type from a dropdown. Here we’ll select posts for this example.

Set this post status – Allows you to select default post status.

Form submit– Enable/disable ajax option.

After visitors submit this form – Allows you to select what will happen after the user submit the form.

Other settings – This includes the following sub-options:

  • Allows you to enable/disable hiding comments when displaying the form.
  • Allows you to enable/disable include the add media button in the rich text editors from the form.
  • Allows you to enable/disable include the Toolset buttons in the rich text editors from the form.

front end post submission WordPress


3) Build Form

This step allows you to build your form via drag and drop form builder options. Create your own layout by changing the column layout. It allows you to add extra fields and also auto-populate the form with all basic fields.

build form WordPress


4) E-mail Notification Configuration

This option allows you to send an e-mail notification to the submitter. This will also allow sending alert notifications to the admin as well.

Don’t forget to click the “Finish” button when you are done.

email notification configuration


5) Embed your form within the page

Finally, attach your form with the page to display it at front-end.
If you are using new Gutenberg WordPress editor then, you will get the “Toolset form” widget at the right side beneath block option.

Otherwise, you can add it via shortcode.

embed form WordPress



Submission from front-end is always the best way of making your site popular, whether it is front-end submission of a blog post or other custom post types.

The toolset is best for this choice as it enhances your experience by providing various kinds of stuff.


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