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With the number of businesses searching for customers online, it may be difficult to set yourself apart from the rest. The best solution to improve your online presence is to have a website. However, it’s essential to note that having a website is still insufficient. The key to making an impression online is having a website that shows the personality and professionalism of your business. This can be achieved with a custom web design over templates.

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Remember that every business has unique needs. Simply considering web design templates may not give you the results you’re looking for since most of these feature generic designs and have some code limitations. That’s why you should invest in a professionally-made custom web design from reputable websites, such as

While custom web design is more expensive than templates, it’s necessary to achieve success in a highly competitive market. If you still have doubts about using a custom web design, below are 15 reasons why you should choose it over templates:

1. Professional Looking

Custom Web Design

If you want to gain a good reputation in the market, you have to maintain professionalism in your business. When your website looks cluttered or clunky, customers tend to look for another company that has professional-looking websites. Thus, your website plays an important role to achieve a professional attitude.

Take note that badly designed websites suggest that you don’t have the resources or time to spend on either your customers or professional appearance. More often than not, website templates lack the dynamic visual aspect, which sets customized websites apart from others and draws in more customers. Custom web design also doesn’t look bland and cheap, which is not a reputation you want to be attached to your business.

2. Built For Scaling

A lot of templates lack the foundation to let your business grow and don’t contain must-have website elements, like a user-friendly interface. You don’t want to consider a custom web design in the middle of growing your business.
Once you consider a custom web design right from the very beginning, you can guarantee that it can handle high traffic as your business expands. A custom web design also uses the best practices that’ll help you provide quality user experience and boost your SEO rankings.

In the business world, remember that you have only one chance to win over new customers before they look for another website. So, you want to ensure that your website has the best custom web design to attract more potential customers.

If one of your priorities is constant growth, custom web designs are also beneficial for your GDD (Growth-driven Design) methodology, which encourages continual site updates based on the user experience metrics and data. Templates can limit your ability to custom updates based on the user data.

3. Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance

Pre-made templates don’t get tested on the web host or equipment of your company. They could work well for the set up of the design, but you might run into some problems that are hard to troubleshoot.

Designers of custom web designs deploy and create a website in your working environment with lesser potential complications. Your chosen designer also connects directly with your web host or IT team to work through issues before you launch your website.

4. Helps You Stand Out From Your Competitors

As mentioned, when using templates, your website will look like some businesses that use the same templates as your competitors. If you’re searching for some ways to stand out, one good way to go is a custom web design.

You may get the upper hand through catering more towards your demographic and audience. In addition to that, you have influence over the features and website functionality, so you can easily make necessary tweaks to improve your conversions and user engagement.

5. Ongoing Support

Templates don’t usually have post-sales support. More often than not, the designers who created templates focus more on volume. Because of this, you wouldn’t be able to rely on their help once your business website has design errors or fails to deploy properly. If your business reputation relies on a strong web presence, you should avoid this risk at all costs.

This is why custom web design is a better option than templates since the former offers ongoing support for your constantly changing needs. No matter what your website’s requirements, expect to get security improvements, feature additions, and updates that’ll keep your web design adapting to various changes.

6. Supports Your Future and Current Business Goals

Once your web design revolves around them, your website will do a good job of supporting your future and current business goals. For instance, if you’re looking forward to making your business grow in a certain time frame, you’d have some elements designed to encourage traffic to your website, develop a good loyal following, and build email lists.

7. Access To A Team Of Professionals

Team of Professionals

Once you consider a custom web design, learn how to look for a good web design company, which will provide you access to a team of highly qualified professionals who can troubleshoot any problems and help you get started to launch your website with a reduced turnaround. Oftentimes, troubleshooting services are not free, but some good professionals offer them at reasonable prices.

With your custom web design’s price tag, you can easily contact the designers if anything goes wrong. It’s opposed to templates where the majority of troubleshooting falls upon yourself or somebody in your staff who’s website savvy.

8. Provides Business Credibility

As a business owner, you must always search for ways to save money and boost your profitability. However, once you choose templates, it can be a great disservice. With templates, it’s impossible to differentiate your company and make an online presence that’s unique to your brand.

Keep in mind that your website will be your online front and where you project your professional image. With a custom web design, you can achieve a credible look.

9. Compatible To All Browsers

A lot of people overlook this feature, but it can break or make your website. Not all use the most recent browsers to surf the internet. Others even use various browsers to access the same website.
The best way to solve this is by using a custom web design that seamlessly works in different browsers available today.

10. Showcase The Power Of Your Brand

Today’s marketing revolves around branding. While your business offerings are better than your competitors, your brand’s strength is what gets potential customers in the door. With templates, you won’t be able to stand out, and once your potential customers see a kind of cookie-cutter website, they’ll see a cookie-cutter business.
With custom web design, you’re more able to showcase the real power of your brand, enabling you to highlight what makes you exceptional. A beautiful custom web design with a focused and strong brand promotes your business as more compelling, more reliable, and more professional.

The best quality custom web design has every aspect of your branding to ensure that your visitors understand what and who you are.

11. Not Limited To Template Limitations Or Constraints

Custom web design will not be limited to template limitations or constraints. Several templates may not be ready and equipped for e-commerce functionality or capable of supporting e-commerce. Picking a custom web design over templates enables you to keep the features you’d prefer to add in the future.
Easy implementation and compatibility are what custom web designs differ from templates, giving you the freedom to change or upgrade anytime.

12. Helps You Provide Great Customer Experience

Customer Experience

Just as you must strive to provide customers a personal and tailored experience in your daily business dealings, you must strive to do the same with your website. Templates will not be able to give your customers a unique experience they truly deserve. By using custom web design, however, you can tailor your website to your customers since you know them best.

Whether it’s a highly responsive design, unique landing page layout, intuitive user funnel, or clear navigation architecture, your website has to provide a good experience since any interaction with your site is also an interaction with your company.

13. Improve Your ROI

With every decision you make to your business, you must ask if that decision contributes to your bottom line. Thus, you must treat your business website in the same way.

In terms of website design, customized design will help you generate better ROI (return on investment). It’s because custom web design tends to be more appealing and attractive than templates since you can have full control with your web design features or aesthetics. That’s why if you want to attract more potential customers and boost your ROI, it’s wiser to choose a custom web design over templates.

14. Improve Traffic And SEO

The most crucial factors in search engine ranking may be positively influenced by a custom web design, especially professional website designers who understand modern SEO trends.

Another important ranking factor is high-quality links pointing to your site. Nothing earns more links compared to a compelling and beautiful website design.

Recently, the search ranking algorithm of Google is placing more value on the websites that offer great user experiences – thanks to engaging and unique content. Factors including the number of pages your customers interact within your website and the time users spend on your website are also considered when ranking your website in search results.

So, to achieve the wow-factor on your website, go with a custom web design over templates since it can make a difference with your SEO and traffic goals.

15. Unique To Your Business And Made To Your Specifications

With a custom web design, you’re assured that the final product will be based on your exact specifications. Once you use pre-made templates, you need to work within the set limitations of your chosen template.

Custom web design doesn’t work in that manner and it only includes quality coding, which is necessary to avoid any possible errors. Other than that, you can be unique in your own way since professional designers know what a good and bad web design is.

Why Templates Can Hurt Your Business?

Without a doubt, templates are a cheaper way to have a website. With the availability of pre-made templates these days, you have a lot of options to choose from. But, it’s not a good idea if you want your customers to recognize your brand and stay ahead of the competition.

One of the serious drawbacks of templates is that your website may look similar or identical to other businesses that are tight on budget. If you’re just getting started in the online market, it can have an impact on your customer’s first impressions, which are important if you want to make your brand known. To impress your potential customers, it’s best to give them something that expresses your unique brand.

Aside from that, templates don’t come with on-page SEO options, which may affect your search engine ranking in the long run. As an online business owner, you have to keep in mind that SEO plays an important role in your online success. Without SEO, your website won’t be able to reach your potential customers and business goals since your exposure or online presence will not be as huge as those with websites that have a custom web design.

So, if you don’t want to hurt your business or ruin your progress in the market, choose the right way to start your business – having a custom web design.

Bottom Line

Once designed properly, a website is a powerful tool. However, a poorly-designed one may work against you. So, no matter what type of business you have or whatever your business goals are, make sure to choose a custom web design over a pre-made template. Doing so allows you to get the best possible results and achieve success in a highly competitive market.

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Although a custom web design is more expensive than pre-made templates, it’s worth your time and investment. Plus, you can be sure that your website will stand out among the rest while being able to showcase how unique your business is.

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