October 21, 2017

Choose Best WordPress cloud hosting services, 2017

Are you looking for best WordPress cloud hosting services?choose a perfect hosting service is quite difficult. But I’ll make your work easier by naming some of the best host providers who is best for you.But before that, I'll give some idea of what web hosting is. Well, Web hosting is a service provided by servers that allow any individual or organization to post a website or a web page on the internet. You might have got offers from many web hosting.
October 20, 2017

How page speed is important for SEO

Page speed is defined as how fast the content of your page loads. Though similar, page speed is not the same as site speed. Site speed is the average of several sample pages on a website.You must have waited for long time for a website to load isn’t? Even I too hate buffering and slow speed. A website that load too slowly are majorly annoyed the users. Have you ever spent a long time waiting for a website to load? Websites that load too slowly are major annoyances for users, as well as an impediment to your site ranking as well as it should in Google’s results.
October 17, 2017

Wooconf 2017 is here: Reserve your seats now !

Yes! Wooconf,2017 is here . Woocommerce had a come back with its developer conference. So, Get prepared yourself. Wooconf is the biggest conference of woocommerce community. Join this Wooconf and get a chance to enjoy the workshop about the future of Woocommerce. Though this conference you can meet Woocommerce experts, developers and even with Woo team.  What do you think about conferences? Well, conferences have important features, two of them being content and people. Yes, how could I forget it? A great venue, beautiful city, and awesome swag all add to it, but at the end of the day, it needs to count to invest time and money in going somewhere. You know what you truly get this in every  Wooconf. Giving something thoughtful is been a top priority at WooConfs.
October 17, 2017
thrive ultimatum

Thrive ultimatum- Ultimate scarcity Marketing Tool

Did you know Thrive ultimatum is Ultimate scarcity Marketing tool? Yes, literally thanks to Thrive themes who made it possible. Thrive themes have launched their best ever scarcity marketing tool that can instantly increase your blog sales. Do you know? you can make your reader, feel the fear of losing something if he doesn't take action at the right time with the help of Thrive Ultimatum. Before starting how Thrive ultimatum can help you. It is necessary for you to understand what is Scarcity marketing.  
October 17, 2017

Again sponsors are here: Wordcamp Nashik , 2017

WordCamps are the community organized conferences centered on the WordPress publishing platform. The first WordCamp was held in San Francisco in 2006, except Antarctica.Join WordCamp just for one day of talk and workshop about the future of Wordpress. You can meet Wordpress Experts, developers. Want to increase your business WordPress?then Wordcamps proves best in all aspects.
October 17, 2017
woocommerce vs shopify

WooCommerce Vs Shopify what’s your choice?

The e-commerce war is started. Here we begin the cold fight between Woocommerce Vs Shopify. Are you guys ready for it?. Here we go. These two are the most successful e-commerce solutions to set up online stores. They are mostly chosen for their flexibility, ease of use and the options that they provide. Both offer great solutions for processing payments, customized design, great shipping options and perfect control over your store.
October 15, 2017

LearnDash only or Wishlist Member along LearnDash what you choose?

Yes! you got me right you can work wishlist member along Learndash. Wishlist Member is powerful, yet easy to use membership plugin in WordPress. You just need to install the WordPress membership plugin, and within minutes you’ll have your own membership site up and running. Today the membership space has grown up a bit and while wishlist Member may not have the same market presence, it is still used by many.
October 15, 2017

How WordPress community reacting on Gutenberg

Here we are. Gutenburg has been in development for six months and now it is ready for testing. Excited?Anyone interested in the future of WordPress will want to take it for a test drive, as the new editor will revolutionize the way users think about creating and editing content. Let’s check out what WordPress world is gossiping about Gutenburg. But before that, it's my duty to make you understand what Gutenburg is all about? Let’s get started-
October 15, 2017

What’s new in WooCommerce 3.2

Good news has arrived for Woocommerce lovers. Woocommerce releases 3.2 version. WOW, it is just what I called amazing. Woocommerce is already king in itself. It is ruling over Wordpress. With 31,644,695 downloads, Powers over 28% of all online stores.Woocommerce has now become the most popular e-commerce platform for online vendors. So, if you are planning to open an e-commerce store don't forget to install Woocommerce.As you already know WooCommerce is an open-source, completely customizable eCommerce platform for entrepreneurs worldwide.
October 14, 2017
thrive architect plugin

Thrive Architect plugin- Master in Lead generation

Are you struggling to create lead generation on your website?Frustrated? Don’t know what to do? Don’t panic I had the mind-blowing solution for it. You must have heard about the Thrive themes. Yes! You guessed right. Themes have introduced a new WordPress plugin thrive Architect. If you're serious about building an online business, you need to build a mailing list and Thrive Architect is the only visual page builder plugin that gives you the power to create lead generation forms. Today in this article I 'm going to tell you how to add Lead generation features in Thrive Architect-