How to Implement Automated Testing for Your WordPress Site

Developers these days regularly discuss the benefits of automated testing, and for good reason. It helps them meet deadlines more regularly, and helps them catch bugs before they become code-breaking Even it can minimize their workload during an intense crunch period.
But did you know that you can also automate testing for your WordPress site? Let’s break down how exactly this is accomplished and why you would do so in the first place.

What is Automated Testing?

automate testing for your WordPress
Automated Testing

With any website or application, you have to test it every now and again before integrating new features, updating the site, or making any other significant kind of change. Many people are used to manually testing the majority of their features on their WordPress blogs or eCommerce platforms.
So what’s automated testing? It’s exactly what it sounds like – automated testing means using automation tools to run certain scripts on your WordPress site, allowing you to test your site’s functionality and integrity more regularly and easily than before.
In some cases, you might have to write your own test suites so that you can account for different variables or test cases, as well as a command-line tool to run your suites. You can alternatively check out tools like TestProject for free automated testing, which allows you to streamline the process even further.

Why Use Automated Testing for WordPress?

automate testing for your WordPress
Web Design Website Coding Concept

It’s a good idea to use automated testing tools for WordPress for the same reason that developers are also leveraging them for their development pipelines: it saves you time, effort, and (in the case that your WordPress site is also a store) money.

  • By using automated testing, you’ll be able to perform tests more regularly, catching issues with your WordPress site more often. Then you can correct those issues before they impact a majority of your visitors
  • Similarly, automation tools let you accomplish more tests since you won’t have to sit at your desk manually engaging each one over and over
  • Some automation testing tools even provide you with more detailed and consistent results. You can collect all this data and use it to refine your site even further
  • If your WordPress site is also a storefront, automated testing tools can save you money in the long run. You’ll spend less time fixing potentially critical errors and, crucially, will catch any major errors before they impact most of your traffic

Ideal Uses for Automated Tests on WordPress

Automate testing for your WordPress

WordPress sites aren’t as complex as some of the most advanced applications being developed right now. But there are still plenty of situations where it’s a good idea to use automated testing tools for your WordPress site.
For example, you can use automated tools to test or double-check certain automated scripts, like adding products to carts, checking your checkout process, or even filling in contact forms. Or you could use automated tools to check even more advanced scripts, like seeing if a date-booking widget on your site is functioning as intended.
Alternatively, maybe you want to update your product page, but then need to test its functionality. These tools can help in any of the above cases.
The best idea is to use automated testing tools as often as possible.

How to Implement Automated Testing on WordPress

You can either use automation testing suites like TestProject or you can write your own automated testing suites. Fortunately, WordPress has its own tutorials on the subject, so it’s relatively easy to browse their learning material and crank out your own automated testing scripts if you have some coding expertise or background.
Either way, be sure to implement automated testing ASAP on your WordPress site to take advantage of its multiple benefits. And minimize the potential impact that bugs or glitches could have on your visitors.

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