7 Signs That Your Site Is Yearning For a Redesign

website redesign

A website being the first thing through which a customer gets to know you, it needs to be appealing and attractive. Be it the features, or functionalities, or responsiveness or load time, your website being the main medium of connection between you and your customers, it should be represented in the best way possible and needs to be redesigned when needed. In case you are not sure whether your website is ready for an overhaul or not, here are the top 7 signs that can confirm on its need for a redesign.

Site Is Not Responsive Enough

Does your website function fairly on all types of screen size? If not, then probably just because your site isn’t responsive enough, you’re losing potential customers. With the majority of people now accessing the internet from mobiles of various screen size, making your site responsive is a must. Don’t end up losing business only because your site is incompatible with various screen size. Rather redesign it in such a way that it works equally on all, whether it’s desktop or the smallest mobile screen.

Taking Too Much Time in Loading

When it comes to sites that take ages in loading, well, visitors like to avoid such sites and prefer to click on the back button for searching a site that is fast loading. If the loading time of your site is more than 5 seconds, then maybe it is time that you pay attention to it. Though the reasons behind this can be various and not all of them require complete revamping as a solution, but to improve the performance of your site sometimes redesigning becomes essential.

Signs that your website needs a redesign

Not Properly Reflecting Your Brand

For retaining the market demand for your brand, every brand needs to evolve. And the same development changes should be reflected on its website as well. Be it a fresh theme or a new logo, redesigning your site can add to its advantage in engaging more and more visitors. If you want to make your business look healthy and functioning then sometimes a redesigning may be everything it needs.

You Are Thinking About Adding New Functionality

If you are thinking of adding new functionalities to your website, then maybe redesigning is the best option. Be it including a quoting engine or integrating with eCommerce, just attaching some bolt-on tools may not be the most effective way. And not only the functionality; to keep up with the latest digital marketing trend your site needs to feature various digital tools, such as social media, compelling visual, content marketing and many more. Therefore, what can be a better option than redesigning for featuring new functionalities!

The Audience Has Gradually Developed

As your business gradually develops, so does the audience. Therefore, if you are aiming a particular set of the audience today than you used to in earlier times, there are strong chances that your website may have become unappealing and is catering to the wrong crowd. Whether you freshen up the content of your site or redesign it entirely, meeting the criteria of your target audience always should be there in the first.

Signs that your website needs a redesign

It’s Causing Troubles in Navigation

The easier the customers will be able to navigate on your site, the better site experience they’ll get. Therefore, if you find that your customers are having trouble in navigating, maybe considering a redesign won’t be a bad idea at all. Navigation requires to be easily accessible from each and every page of your site. Make sure none of the internal links on your website page end up showing 404 errors.

The Web Traffic Is Declining or Have Become Static

If the traffic towards your website is declining or have reached a static point or an impasse, then you need to understand that something isn’t right with your website. This static state of web traffic may not necessarily mean that you need to redesign your entire website. Sometimes it may be just the revamping of the content that can get your website back on track. In case your entire site looks outdated and dull, then a total overhaul can be the ultimate solution.

As it is the website of yours that serves as the primary contact point for the potential consumers; therefore leaving an impressive impression should be your top priority as an owner of the site.



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