5 CRM Plugins for WordPress to enhance your Business

With the increasing rate of implementation of the CRM in today’s business market, the use of customer relationship management (CRM) is rapidly growing. WordPress is no longer just a simple site to publish blogs. As the WordPress is turning into a more powerful and versatile platform, plug-in developers are developing plenty of tools to solve the growing business needs. In order to help you to choose proper plug-in for your WordPress site, here is a list of top 5 CRM plugins.

WordPress Leads

WordPress Leads Plugin

The WordPress Leads is an outstanding plug-in that can help you to keep track of your site’s viewers. The awesomeness of this plug-in is that it can show the activity of each lead prior to submitting the form. Moreover, it can collect geographical data and can fetch in related web and social media activity of each contact.  This may help you in a great way to boost your WordPress site. With the detailed information, you can initiate different advertising for the different viewers. Thus, if you are looking for advanced features for tracking the habits of your consumer, then WordPress Leads is the perfect plug-in for your WordPress site.

Presspoint CRM

Presspoint CRM

Presspoint CRM is a superior quality WordPress plug-in which can let you do something beyond data mining. It’s not like a regular plug-in which can only help you to store viewer’s data. This plug-in lets you integrate all the details of eCommerce, email tracking and membership details under the WordPress admin account. In addition to this, Presspoint CRM can let you perform complex queries. This interface meshes with WordPress easily and it can benefit you to have a good user-friendly and navigable WordPress site.

WooCommerce CRM

WooCommerce CRM

Are you using WooCommerce to sell commodities from your WordPress site? If yes, then give a try with WooCommerce CRM plug-in. This is a unique plug-in which let you handle to track orders, send emails, attach customer notes from your WordPress site. The uniqueness of this plug-in is that it will allow you to call up any contact and analyze the data of your call. Though this plug-in can’t work alone without the WooCommerce plugin, this is worth to mention that you can download and use it for free.

WP Fusion

WordPress Fusion

WordPress fusion is an excellent WordPress plug-in which connects your CRM and WordPress website. It can be used to create a membership site, tracking customers’ details and synchronizing record of eCommerce transactions from your WordPress site. Tight and secure integration of all data with your WordPress site’s CRM is the salient feature of this plug-in. Moreover, this plug-in fetches all the data from your CRM which provides simple and reliable user interface. This WordPress plug-in can integrate with the learning management system (LMS) to provide smooth reporting and delivery of the educational technologies.


WordPress-to-lead for Salesforce CRM

With the vast number of active installs coupled with the 4.3-star rating, WordPress-to-lead is one of the best CRM solutions for any WordPress site. It’s nothing less than a powerhouse with robust functionality and slick design. This unique plug-in lets WordPress admin store data in the cloud storage so that it can be accessed from anywhere via any platform. In addition to this, WordPress-to-lead automatically feeds the collected data in your salesforce account. Though this plug-in is available free, it requires a premium salesforce account to perform the task of feeding data into the salesforce account.

The more you start to know and understand your viewers, the more you can come up with innovative ideas to make your WordPress site glitter. Thus, when you start to grow viewers’ base of your WordPress site, the only thing that can help you to boost popularity a bit further in future is CRM plug-in. Among these top plug-in, choose one for your WordPress site which soothes your need perfectly.

Rohini Oberoi
Rohini Oberoi
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