]It is only about a month left for WordPress to be officially releasing its new updated version, WordPress 4.7, and there is already a lot of buzz among the bloggers on the internet about it. The possible changes that WordPress may bring to itself in this update have been talked about since the announcement of the new version, which was made in this August. The beta version of the CMS has already been out for some days now and the enthusiasts have been testing it. A huge chunk of bloggers over the internet are associated to WordPress and there is naturally a lot of expectations with WordPress 4.7

Today, we are listing the possible additions and omissions from WordPress 4.7, so you can know what to expect from it.

                                                        WordPress 4.7 Features


Language for the admins

This new version,WordPress 4.7 will allow its users to change the language of the dashboard. This will let the admins be facilitated better in order to have an easier control over different options and plugins. The feature will not have any effect on the main content of the website but only on the interface that the admins can view. The supported admin languages are not announced and we will have to wait till to know which languages are supported on the release day of the update. There is a possibility that WordPress might start with a limited number of languages and add more languages depending on the demand with time.

Changing themes and colors is now easier

Previously, WordPress users had to follow a long path to reach the color options in order to get it changed, but WordPress 4.7  will allow the option to change the color directly, which will get you the job done much quicker. Similarly, the users will now be able to change the theme from the customizer right away. The themes can be searched from the set of available themes displayed in the pictures, a theme can be selected.

PDF Thumbnails

While uploading the PDF on the website, the WordPress 4.7 users will now be able to preview the pages. This will discard any chance of wrong uploads and do it all over again. The PDF thumbnails will also allow the users to view how the PDF will look like.

Media on header

The new version will allow the WordPress 4.7 users to add a video to the header of the page. The videos can be added through uploads or URLs depending on the user’s choice. In this way, the designers can now make the web pages look more attractive with the easy use of this option.WordPress 4.7Apart from these options, there are some more added functionalities to WordPress 4.7 like a better look to customization pane. There are also various additions to keep the developers happy. These changes include REST API endpoints, custom bulk actions, and Wp_Hook. Now, all these changes are in the beta version and we expect to see them in the official update too. There will surely be more additions in the updated WordPress 4.7  release that is to take place on 6th December.

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