How To Start A Jewelry Marketplace

How To Start A Jewelry Marketplace

Whether you’ve discovered some attractive trinkets in your attic, or you frame your personal accessories, the present is a rewarding moment to be selling jewelry online. A greater number of people are recognizing the advantages of buying from small businesses currently – apart from aiding to promote independent sellers, it’s also more viable than fast fashion.


Start A Jewelry Marketplace

In the present era of digitalization, purchasing jewelry online has become a common practice among numerous people over the world. A few customers opt to purchase jewelry online due to convenience and many do it because of the range of options and competitive prices.

On the lines of eCommerce businesses, jewelry comprises a billion-dollar online marketplace. Therefore, creating a jewelry marketplace is a splendid idea for startups. A few best market players of the world serving different geographic regions are Bluestone, Folksy, Boticca, Caratlane, and Astley Clarke. So, this is the finest time to begin your individual online jewelry marketplace.

WordPress can be your go-to platform for launching an eCommerce store. Specifically, the focus will be on WooCommerce addon. An outstanding plugin that boosts your WordPress site with top class eCommerce functionality.

Let’s dive deeper into WordPress and the reason why it’s a superb choice.

Selecting WordPress For E commerce

Many people imagine WordPress to refer to writing articles and blogging. The bigger picture is that WordPress is marketed and constructed like a blogging platform. However, due to the innovation of developers, the platform has transformed considerably more than simply a means to blog.

Currently, you can employ WordPress to operate online stores, different types of business sites, learning platforms, and also design digital courses. The plugins (tools) are all present for you to use and implement to your needs.

WordPress sites can vary from the plainest looking, to the most creative and inventive designs ever seen by you. And WooCommerce, an add-on that includes over 5 million active users, aids to transform your apparently average blog into a full-scale eCommerce store.

Starting With WooCommerce

Similar to any other WordPress plugin, installing and activating WooCommerce is extremely simple. You grasp the addon from the official plugin archive and activate it on your site.

Instantly, a new page termed shop will be present on your site. You can alter the name of this page to your liking or retain it as is.

After activating the plugin, you’ll get access to the Dashboard of WooCommerce where you’ll perform the majority of your configuration requirements.


  • You can handle cart display, product stock, and checkout process.
  • Set up options for shipping and pricing for local and global customers.
  • Include payment gateways like Stripe, PayPal, Bitcoin, besides others.
  • Combine your store with platforms like Google, Twitter, Facebook, and many more.

Initially and foremost, WordPress comprises the most common content management system. Joomla, which has second ranking is behind by a massive 50%. Shopify, which has 6th ranking, is behind by over 57%. WordPress has distinctly made a reputation for itself.

Further, employing it for your eCommerce store implies that you’re combining with tens of millions of different users of WordPress. Whether you require new tools, advice, help, or design tips – the resources available far outnumber your methods of consumption.

A jewelry marketplace comprises an eCommerce marketplace where customers can purchase jewelry online. The idea of a jewelry marketplace is appealing since the customers don’t have to travel to the physical store to purchase the jewelry. Now they can obtain jewelry easily at their homes containing the entire certificates that are essential for authentic jewelry.

Keep these factors in mind while starting a jewelry marketplace:

1. Consider Your Niche

Amongst the initial things to take into account when selling anything online constitutes your niche – and selling jewelry is also similar. This is even important if you’re selling used items, and is vital if you’re really inaugurating a jewelry business.

See your jewelry pieces and question yourself:

Who is most probable to purchase this?

How can I join with my audience?

Where will that customer shop?

It’s essential to know not simply what you’re selling, but who you’re vending to. Understanding this will aid you in the following steps – for instance, it’ll offer you an improved idea of which platform to sell on, and what branding options are most apt to grab your customers’ attention.

When you’re hand making jewelry for adolescents, for instance, you may wish to sell on social media and employ a fun, light tone for your branding. If you’re selling engagement rings, your preference may be for a more professional website to display your jewelry.

It’s obvious that your niche has a huge effect on your selling journey!

It’s essential to consider what you’re selling, and how this impacts who you’re selling to!

Before proceeding, ensure you have:

Seen the jewelry you’re selling

Thought about how you might access your audience

Considered who may wish to purchase your jewelry

2. Determine Where You Wish To Sell Online

Start A Jewelry Marketplace
Start A Jewelry Marketplace

The internet is a huge place, and it can be challenging knowing where to begin. Therefore, here’s a quick-fire guide of the major places where you can sell jewelry online, and the one that is best for you:

Online marketplaces – like eBay, Etsy, and Amazon. This is finest for speedily getting your products ahead a big customer base.

Social media – like Instagram and Facebook. Ideal for hobbyists selling a limited range of products.

Your personal online store – developed using a platform like WooCommerce. Perfect for business startups or professional sellers.

3. Flaunt Your Products

Now you can begin having some fun. Jewelry concerns looking graceful – plenty of attention is devoted to the placement and lighting of every piece in a brick and mortar store. 

Online is also similar, except that customers can’t come and evaluate your products. Rather, you have to make them dazzle in separate ways. These are the main ways:

  • Customize your storefront to correspond to your branding
  • Write a fascinating product description
  • Snap high quality pictures

4. Price Products And Configure Payments

Part of enticing customers to purchase your jewelry is pricing it properly. If you’re selling jewelry crafted from precious stones, that should be exhibited in the price. Similarly, if you hand craft your jewelry, the total price is required to feature in your labor, time, and skill.

Whether you’re pricing your products correctly may be difficult to know – extremely expensive and nobody will purchase them, very cheap and you won’t get a profit. This is a quick run of the top tips:

  • Always include your costs. At the least, you need to ensure you’re not selling at a loss.
  • Explore the market. Discover another jewelry vendor that resembles you, and view their prices. Consider why they’re levying that amount, and how your prices and products compare.
  • Check out this formula: Total Cost of Product + Markup % = Final Product Price.
  • Ensure you fix consistent pricing across your products, and make it obvious for the customer to view.

Set Up Payments

Getting paid is generally quite simple, irrespective of the online channel used by you. The primary thing is to link your account to your store, to transfer customers’ payments directly into your bank account.

Payment Gateways

There are plenty of separate payment options available. The one you pick will be based on your location and currency, your personal banking preferences (for instance, if you possess a business account set up already), as well as your customer demographic.

This is a quick list of the major payment options existing:

  • Stripe
  • PayPal
  • Amazon Pay
  • Square
  • Apple Pay

You can even acknowledge manual payments in the form of wire transfers.

5. Configure Shipping

Start A Jewelry Marketplace
Start A Jewelry Marketplace

Shipping isn’t pretty as fun as taking creative product photos, though it’s equally important.

Shipping Origin Address

Initially, you need somewhere to ship from. Your shipping origin address will inform your ecommerce builder about the tax that applies to orders, and is vital for working out shipping rates and processing returns.

Shipping Destinations

The cost of shipping to specific areas might worry you. What if anyone places an order from halfway across the world? That’s where shipping zones step in.

Shipping zones are simply the regions you ship to – for instance, the USA could be one shipping zone, and then the remainder of the world as another. You can select how large-scale or local you wish to go. So if you just want to ship to your state, you can!

Kinds Of Shipping

There are many ways you can manage your shipping rates. These will rest on the builder you select, and frequently the plan picked by you, but this is a fast overview of the primary shipping types present.

  • Exact shipping costs
  • Flat rate shipping
  • Free shipping
  • Calculated shipping rates offering your customers the minimum rates
  • Price-based and weight-based rates


After you’ve configured your shipping options and dispatched your products, it’s the turn of the courier to fulfil your orders. That’s why it’s essential to select a reliable company that you can trust to dispatch your products sound and safe.

The largest and most popular couriers are:

  • FedEx
  • USPS
  • Canada Post
  • UK Royal Mail
  • UPS
  • DHL

6. Publicize Your Jewelry Products Online

Unfortunately, no magical alert exists to enable users to know when an awesome website has just become live. You can do a huge favor for your store here by staying on top of the following 5 things: 

  • Maximised your store for SEO, to aid it rank in search results
  • Built a professional social media account
  • Configured multichannel selling to add at least one separate platform
  • Built an email marketing campaign and implemented it
  • Started collecting customer reviews

7. Administer Your Stock

Your hard work has finally paid off, and your jewelry is selling as hotcakes.

This is where an ecommerce website creator can truly shine, by virtue of inventory tracking. Inventory tracking is where you handle your orders and monitor stock levels – it’s vital to prevent selling the same product twice, or losing customer orders!

Woo Sell Service

Wrapping Up

Evidently, launching an online marketplace is not such a difficult task after all. You just need to plan out your steps, and benefit from modern tools such as WordPress and WooCommerce. WordPress contains a vast array of themes, pluging and other marketing tools, also.

Summarizing, it can be said that jewelry ecommerce is an inspiring field that merits a lot of attention. Your location as amongst the world’s fashion capitals is no more a governing factor for the success of your brand as social media platforms raise people’s awareness concerning the brands from all across the globe. To cap it all, an extensive range of jewelry types offer growing brands plenty of choice – each merchant can locate a niche to work within.

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