PeepSo bbPress Integration- Add forums to your PeepSo Community

PeepSo bbPress addon

bbPress is considered as one of the most popular and easiest forum creation plugins. bbPress Forums lets you create forums for your WordPress website where your visitors can discuss various topics. It allows your users to create topics and replies in forums. A forum is one of the most important parts when you are creating an interactive community.

PeepSo is a WordPress plugin that lets users create Social Network like community-based websites. This plugin is available for free as well as well as premium version. PeepSo has many features such as private messaging, adding friends, deleting friends etc. It also provides options to add widgets for user’s photos, videos, and friends.One can easily place these widgets wherever he wishes to inside the theme.

Some major features of PeepSo are:

  • Activity Stream to showcase your activities.
  • Add moods, Tags, Locations.
  • Powerful Admin Options
  • Add and manage Friends
  • Send Messages your way
  • Privacy Options
  • Chat Options for members

About PeepSo bbPress Integration:

PeepSo bbPress Integration is the latest add-on for the PeepSo plugin that lets you sync your bbPress forum conversation with your PeepSo Activities. You can easily setup discussion forums inside your PeepSo powered community website.
This plugin allows site admin customizing activity attributes with a simple setting option without any coding. Members themselves can also enable & disable sync of their forums activities with PeepSo Activities. It will help them to keep all option and link accessible from single profile location.

Features of PeepSo bbPress Integration:

This add-on is a must if you are setting up a community website and want to add a discussion forum on your website. This integration can help you do that with the easiest option. Let us check all the features of this plugin:

  • Forums Tabs on Profile: This add-on lets you add options for forums inside an Individual profile. you can easily add dedicated tabs to your community profile such as Topics Stared, replies, Subscribed Forums, Subscribed topics.
  • bbpress tabs PeepSoCommunity admin can manager thread attributes: A community admin can easily manage which attributes will be used to create activity threads. This allows a community admin to add attributes such as forum name, forum descriptions, forum types, forum creation dates, replies and much more.
  • Forum Activities: This add-on also adds options to enable forum activities inside PeepSo Activities. Member can also enable/disable their forums activity sync from community activities.
  • user setting for peepso for bbPressSimple Customization options: PeepSo bbpress Integration also provides you an option to customize your messages for new forums, topics, and replies inside your PeepSo Activities.
  • bbPress peepso optionsKnow what your Friend’s are posting: Members also have dedicated tabs to keep an eye on their’s as well as their friend’s posted forums, topics, replies and subscribed forums plus topics.

bbPress threads inside PeepSo activitiesPeepSo bbPress Integration also allows you to track all replies. You can easily subscribe forums and topics and manage them easily from your profile itself. The plugin options are versatile and help you to customize the forums as well as Enable and disable forums activity sync at the user level.

PeepSo bbPress Integration is the latest addition to the WordPress arena which not only helps you create your own forums but also to manage them effectively and share your activities with other members. This add-on has various features that make it a great add-on for PeepSo.

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