Best Open Source ERP Systems

Businesses with over a handful of employees have plenty to balance like product planning, pricing, managing payroll, finance, and accounting, handling inventory, besides others. Forging together a set of diverse tools to manage those jobs is a fast, inexpensive, and nasty way to achieve things.

That view isn’t scalable. It’s hard to effectively transfer data between the different pieces of this ad-hoc system. Moreover, it can be hard to maintain.

Rather, most developing businesses seek an enterprise resource planning (ERP) system.

The top guns in that field are SAP, Oracle, and Microsoft Dynamics. Their presentations are all-encompassing, but also costly. What occurs if your business can’t furnish one of those large implementations if you have simple needs. You look to the open source alternatives.

There are different flexible, feature-laden, and affordable open source ERP systems available. Check out these to find out if you’re in the race for such a system.


When it comes to managing your key business departments like HR, CRM, and Accounting, WPERP the open-source ERP system has all it takes to become the best companion for your business administration. Currently, over 10,000 active businesses are utilizing this comprehensive solution to take their business to the next level. It also consists of 20+ top-notch extensions that unlock key features and functionalities of an ERP system for everyone.

This exclusive open source ERP management plugin is easy to use but also provides user support in the form of detailed documentation, tutorial videos, live chats, and a dedicated customer service team to have you covered if you ever get stuck.

Interestingly enough, it has got three separate modules stacked together for your Human Resource Management, Customer Relationship Management & Accounting needs. So the user can use either of them or all at once as per their need directly from a single dashboard. These free core modules make up this innovative open source ERP software to be the perfect solution for managing any type of business.

This complete ERP management solution also provides its user with a very sleek yet easily manageable user interface with very logical modules that enable anyone to create their very own HR, CR, and Accounting management system.

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2. ADempiere

Best Open Source ERP Systems

Similar to many other open source ERP solutions, ADempiere caters to tiny and midsized businesses. It’s been in vogue for quite sometime – the project was constituted in 2006 as a branch from the Compiere ERP software.

Its Italian name signifies to satisfy or achieve, while its “multidimensional” ERP features intend to aid businesses to fulfill a substantial variety of needs. It includes supply chain management (SCM) and customer relationship management (CRM) features in its ERP suite to assist handle sales, inventory, purchasing, and accounting processes in a single piece of software. Its newest release, v.3.9.0, upgraded its point-of-sale, user interface, payroll, HR, and different features.

In the form of a multiplatform, Java-related cloud solution, ADempiere can be accessed on Unix, Linux, MacOS, smartphones, Windows, and tablets. It is licensed under GPLv2. If you require more knowledge, undergo its demo for a test run or reach its source code on GitHub.

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3. Apache OFBiz

Best Open Source ERP Systems

Apache OFBiz’s suite of associated business tools is developed on a common architecture that allows organizations to personalize the ERP to their requirements. Consequently, it’s ideally suited for midsize or big enterprises that possess the internal development resources to adjust and incorporate it within their available IT and business processes.

OFBiz is a ripe open source ERP system whose website mentions it’s been a high-level Apache project for nearly a decade. Modules are present for manufacturing, accounting, inventory management, CRM, catalog management, HR, and e-commerce. You can also check out its backend ERP applications and e-commerce web store within its demo page.

The program has superb software architecture and the considerable service-related approach. SMEs, Enterprises, Agencies are usual users of this type of software. It upholds the web-app related operating system and cloud-oriented deployment type.

Apache OFBiz’s source code can be located within the project’s repository. It is composed in Java and licensed below an Apache 2.0 license.

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4. Dolibarr

Best Open Source ERP Systems

Dolibarr presents end-to-end management for tiny and midsize businesses – from maintaining track of invoices, payments, orders, inventory, and contracts to handling documents and upholding an electronic point-of-sale system. It’s all covered in a fairly tidy interface.

You can install and utilize Dolibarr as an independent application, else online on a shared or devoted server or virtual machine to employ it from anywhere, any tablet, desktop or smartphone. It is present in different forms: From auto-installer packs that set up Dolibarr and entire prerequisites without the need for technical knowledge, or by the regular distribution functioning on all Operating System forums and PHP architecture (Mac, Windows, Linux). It is written in PHP, and it employs MariaDB, PostgreSQL, and MySQL databases.

It is multi-user and user-interactive software that arrives with a greatly customizable or modular code.

Besides an online demo, Dolibarr also possesses an add-ons outlet where you can purchase software that stretches its features. You can examine its source code on GitHub; it’s certified under GPLv3 or any upcoming version.

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5. ERPNext

Best Open Source ERP Systems

ERPNext is among those standard open source projects; actually, it was highlighted on  as far back as 2014. It was built to scratch a specific itch, in this instance substituting a creaky and costly proprietary ERP enforcement. The software is oriented on MariaDB database system and utilizes JavaScript and Python-related server-side framework. A product of Frappe Technologies Pvt. Ltd. – ERPNext is free, and open source incorporated ERP software.

ERPNext was developed for tiny and midsized businesses. It contains modules for sales, accounting, purchase, managing inventory, and project handling. The applications that constitute ERPNext are form-based – you will input details in a set of fields and allow the application to accomplish the rest. The entire suite is simple to use. The software is present in over 70 languages that render it the most reachable ERP software in the world.

If you’re excited, you can ask for a demo before making the dive and downloading it or purchasing a membership to the hosted service.

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6. Metasfresh

masterfresh for open source erp

Metasfresh’s nomenclature displays its commitment to maintain its code “fresh.” It launched weekly updates from late 2015 when its founders bifurcated the code from the ADempiere project. Similar to ADempiere, it comprises an open source ERP oriented on Java focussed a little and midsize business market.

Whereas it’s a younger project compared to many of the different software enumerated, it’s drawn some early, successful attention, like being named a finalist for the Initiative Mittelstand “best of open source” IT creativity award. It presently offers services in the sphere of warranties, training, quality assurances, and planning.

Metasfresh is free when hosted by self or for a single user by the cloud, or on a monthly membership fee basis as a cloud-mounted solution for 1 to 100 users. Its source code is present under the GPLv2 license at GitHub while its cloud version is certified under GPLv3.

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7. Odoo

Best Open Source ERP Systems

Odoo is a combined suite of applications that contains modules for billing, project management, manufacturing, inventory management, accounting, and purchasing. Those modules can interact with one another to effectively and smoothly transfer information.

Whereas ERP can be complicated, Odoo renders it friendlier with an easy, nearly spartan interface. The interface reminds of Google Drive, with only the functions you require visible. You can check out Odoo before you plan to sign up.

Odoo comprises a web-oriented tool. Memberships to individual modules will cost your 20 US Dollars every month for each one. You can even download it or clinch the source code from GitHub. It’s certified under LGPLv3.

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8. Tryton

Best Open Source ERP Systems

Tryton depends on an EPR system known asTinyERP and has been present since 2008. During its lifetime, Tryton has developed both in fame and flexibility.

Tryton is targeted at businesses of all dimensions and includes an assortment of modules. Those consist of sales, accounting, project management, analytics, shipping, invoicing, and inventory management. Tryton is not everything or not, however. The system is modular, allowing you to install just the modules needed by your business. Whereas the system is web related, there are desktop customers for MacOS and Windows.

The online demo will present you an idea of what Tryton can achieve. When you’re prepared, you may install it employing a Docker image, download the source code or obtain the code from the scheme’s Mercurial repository. If you’re wondering, the source code is certified under GPLv3 or newer.

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9. Axelor ERP

axelor erp for Open Source ERP Systems

Flaunting more than 20 components, Axelor ERP is a total ERP system – one that includes invoicing and purchasing, accounting and sales, stock and cash management, besides more. All of that comes enclosed in a neat and simple-to-use interface.

Its interface makes Axelor stand apart from many of its rivals. The whole of Axelor’s components is bunched in the pane upon the left side of its window. All you need to perform is just a few clicks away. Suppose, you require to refund a customer, simply click Invoicing and next click Cust. Refunds. All you need is just at the command of your mouse cursor. 

Install Axelor employing a Docker image or grasp the source code from GitHub, which is posted below an AGPLv3 license. Prior to installing Axelor, think about taking it for a spin to become acquainted with the system.

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The abovementioned list presents 8 geat open source ERP systems that you may employ within your organization. The specific one to pick depends on the type of scenarios or features which is needed by your business. It might also rest on the number of users contained in your company, since a large number may imply that you’ll be spending thousands for software memberships each year, or you might probably want to install your own examples of those open source ERP systems.

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