Power of Social Media in Selling Courses

The purpose of creating a website is to make it popular among the readers and followers of the subject. To this effect, an attractive website design and informative content play an important part. But, the key to success lies in increasing the number of audiences and holding on to the existing customer base. The increasing number of audiences for your WordPress website will propel your site to the top of search engine ranking results.

There are certain steps you may follow to increase the popularity of your WordPress website as discussed below. The process may start with the identification of your audience in a proper manner and finding out ways to grow this number.

Classify Your WordPress Audience

You may follow these three methods described below for identifying the followers of your website. These methods are suited for most types of website content that are found in the Internet.

Focus on Your Target Customer Profile

There is a significant difference between the numbers of people, i.e. the number of hits, visiting your WordPress website and your target customers. Your main concern is the people for whom you have created the content. In any case, you may not be able to engage all the visitors to your WordPress website, so it is better to focus on people who are interested in your subject matter. The next step is the identification of these core followers vis-à-vis your content. This may be done by imagining the ideal reader of your content or figuring out probable customers in case you are offering a product or service.

Provide Solutions through the Content

This step will further narrow down your focus towards finding your target demographic. You may try to find out the concern areas in your field and provide solutions to them based on your prior experience. Thus, your WordPress website built on the subject you are already familiar with will be a medium of passing your amassed knowledge to others. With diligent research, you should be able to create a website which will benefit people with concerns in similar fields. Your WordPress Website may guide users through such concerns or suggest useful tools for helping them in the related field.

Know your competition

As with any business, there will be inevitable competitors against your website, no matter now exclusive your subject matter is. These websites may already have large followings, so it makes business sense to study their approach towards building content. Search with keywords related to your target demographics or content. Once you have got a list, analyze their content and approach. Also, look for pertinent keywords for Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

Thus, the above three steps will give you an idea of your target audience, content approach and successful competition activities.

Grow Your WordPress Audience

Efficient Identification and Growth of WordPress Followers

You may now think about growing your customer base with the three methods discussed below.

  • Work with Low-Competition Keywords –

    Keywords are used in searches by Internet users to yield websites which use these words in their content. Needless to say, using common keywords result in larger numbers if users visiting your WordPress website. But, this exercise may not be successful in holding on to these visitors. A better approach is to use keywords with meager numbers of searches, somewhere between 1,000 and 3,000 would be ideal. Also, keywords with long tails will provide you with a lesser number but steady traffic of visitors who will get exactly what they have searched for.

  • Integrate Social Media –

    This method integrates the social media platforms to your WordPress website. These might include share buttons, feeds or links to your website. The increased number of shares of your content within friend groups and references by people about your websites within similar social circles will work in increasing your traffic.

  • Find out Your Best Publication Frequency –

    This refers to the number of times you may publish new content on your WordPress website. You should also consider the times of the day and the periods of the week that receives the most customer visits. Then, you may schedule your posts in these periods by using an automated publishing software. Remember that regular customers expect you to publish according to schedule once one is established.

Thus, the identification and growth of your customers are critical for sustaining your WordPress website over a period of time.

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