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Are you a Divi lover, then there is a  good news for you.Divi 3.0 has arrived which is a huge update to the Divi Theme. Divi 3.0 introduces a new way for site owners to create WordPress pages visually on the front-end of their website.

Let Experience Divi 3.0

In this article, I’ll take you to the test drive,  of Divi 3.0.

Let’s Dive in-

Build Page with Divi

Divi 3.0

Divi 3. 0 has amazing page builder features. You can also check out on the Divi last updated article. It comes with an inbuilt page-builder that is super awesome and is super-easy to use, has a complete arsenal of ready-to-use layouts, and is code-ready, even to be used professionally by novices.

Divi’s new visual builder allows you to create and edit your pages on the front-end of your website. When you load the builder, you see your page exactly as you would if you were browsing your website normally. You can easily click into any element and adjust its content, size, spacing, color, positioning and more.

You can add, duplicate and delete content, drag content from one area to another and load items from your library instantly. Like the previous versions of Divi, all the page elements are represented by blocks. You can click on any of the rows or modules to edit them right there in the preview. Divi 3.0 still uses the process that existing users will recognize. It just makes the experience more intuitive. To know more about the page builder in Divi 3.0 you need to check out its DEMO.

Mobile Friendly Website

Divi 3.0

Divi is a fully responsive theme. That means that it will automatically reformat your pages so that they look great on any sized screen. One thing that Divi does better than many other page builder themes is allowing you to better tailor the viewing experience of your site based on the type of device that your users are using.

Amazing Drag & drop

Divi 3.0Of course, the next big thing in Divi 3 is that rather than editing a visual representation, you’ll be working on the actual live blocks. You’ll be dragging the actual pieces of content. And of course, everything is still fully responsive.

 Instant visual updates

Divi 3.0

The new v3 PageBuilder is actually powered by React, and a new paradigm in real-time visual experiences, which ensures that anything you do is updated on the fly. You don’t have to perform any page refreshes.
Everything is in real-time!

Divi 3 is sleek, elegant, simple, clean and most importantly, a multi-purpose theme. So no matter what business the website represents, be sure of proper justice being done to every element.

Customization panel

Version 3.0 offers you a simple customization panel with innumerable customization possibilities. Every element on your page or post can be taken good care of, and tailored in a conversion-centric manner by using making optimum used of the customizable features.

Edit From Frontend and Backend

Whether you want to edit the pages you have created in the backend or form the frontend, you can make use of the latest and greatest version of the Divi 3.

Its device responsiveness and WooCommerce readiness are the sweetest features that knocked us right off. Dig deeper, and you might discover a few more that would knock your socks off!

To know about the Divi updated you need to take DEMO of Divi. So, are you ready to Try out DEMO of Divi 3.0 then this is the best time?


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