Who Viewed My Profile v1.2.3

= 1.2.3 =
* Fix: (#44) Recent visitor count issue on the member directory
* Fix: (#44) Update the default option
* Fix: (#44) Check nonce
* Fix: (#44) Update class-bp-profile-views.php
* Fix: (#44) Update member header meta setting for BuddyBoss
* Fix: (#49) Notification issue on admin visit
* Fix: (#47) Visitors tab display to the logged-in users only
* Fix: (#46) Default behavior of recent visit tab
* Fix: (#24) Notification redirection issue
* Fix: (#44) Update the backend setting description
* Fix: (#44) Recent visitors not showing in the user meta with the bb platform
* Fix: (#44) Fatal error with the bb platform
* Fix: (#44) RTL fixes
* Added: (#44) Recent Visit Option
* Added: (#44) Visitor tab enabled on the member directory
* Added: (#44) User visits visible to others' profile
* Added: (#44) Setting for preference
* Managed: (#44) Setting tab UI
* Managed: (#48) Most visited users widget UI with the bb platform
* Managed: (#44) Most visited users widget with slider UI
The Who Viewed My Profile Plugin helps you to know about your profile visitors. It displays the count of the profile views on the member profile header...
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