Reign Theme v7.3.2

= 7.3.2 =
* Fix: Fixed undefined variable warnings
* Fix: (#1175) Dark mode fixes
* Fix: Warning fixes with php 8.2
* Fix: (#1171) Added edit profile link when no data and UI fixes
* Fix: (#1173) Activity link preview for buddypress dark mode fixes
* Enhancement: (#1172) Managed friendship action buttons with members layout 4
* Enhancement: (#1171) Managed single profile settings screen UI
* Enhancement: (#1171) Managed single profile messages screen UI
* Enhancement: (#1171) Managed single profile notifications screen UI
* Enhancement: (#1171) Managed single profile edit screen UI
* Enhancement: (#1170) Added more options icons with bb platform
* Fix: (#1169) Managed outdated copies of WooCommerce template files
* Fix: (#1168) Managed sticky sidebar scroll to bottom widget
* Enhancement: (#1162) Update single post navigation UI
* Enhancement: (#1162) Update single post comment form logout mode UI
* Enhancement: (#1162) Update related post structure and UI
* Enhancement: (#1161) Added footer area padding customizer setting
* Fix: (#1161) Added left panel icon border radius and button radius fixes
* Enhancement: (#1165) Managed post activity content UI
* Enhancement: (#1164) Managed page featured image without subheader
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