Product: Reign Theme

Reign Theme v7.5.3

= 7.5.3 =
* Update: Enhanced bb-platform.scss to improve styling across the platform.
* Update: Updated woocommerce.scss for better styling consistency in WooCommerce components (#1307).
* Fix: Addressed system warnings to enhance code stability and reduce potential errors (#1308).
* Update: Refined the default layout of WooCommerce by updating color and font values to improve visual appeal and readability (#1307).

Reign Theme v7.5.2

= 7.5.2 =
* Enhancement: Improved mobile tooltip visibility for WooCommerce tabs (#1302).
* Enhancement: Enhanced the masonry view for blog posts for better content presentation (#1306).
* Enhancement: Updated the product categories widget UI to improve clarity and usability (#1302).
* Update: Refined default input and button padding and height for consistency across the site.
* Update: Upgraded WooCommerce widgets UI for enhanced functionality and aesthetics (#1302).
* Enhancement: Introduced new checkout page layouts to offer more customization options (#1302).
* Enhancement: Added new card page layouts to enhance user engagement and visual appeal (#1302).
* Enhancement: Introduced new layouts for the ‘Update My Account’ page, providing a more user-friendly experience (#1302).
* Update: Updated the default layout for the ‘My Account’ page to improve user navigation and interface coherence (#1302).
* Update: Standardized global border and button radius settings to maintain a consistent design language.
* Enhancement: Revamped the single product review section to provide a more intuitive user experience (#1302).
* Enhancement: Added a reviews summary section on single product pages to aid purchasing decisions (#1302).
* Enhancement: Launched a new single product layout (Layout 2) to provide alternative viewing options (#1302).
* Update: Updated the UI for the default and first layout of single products to align with modern design standards (#1302).
* Enhancement: Introduced a new gallery slider for single products, with options for vertical or horizontal orientation (#1302).
* Enhancement: Added a product listing column switcher to allow users to customize their view dynamically (#1302).
* Fix: Corrected the Dokan sidebar class in the sidebar width setting to ensure proper alignment and functionality (#1302).
* Enhancement: Introduced additional shop layouts (Layouts 3 and 4) to provide more options for storefront customization (#1302).
* Update: Enhanced the UI for the default and first layout of the shop archive to improve aesthetic appeal and user interaction (#1302).

Reign Theme v7.5.1

= 7.5.1 =
* Fix: Addressed undefined variable warnings to enhance code quality and reduce runtime errors (#1304).
* Enhancement: Improved the user interface for customizer options images, providing a more intuitive and visually appealing configuration experience (#1303).
* Enhancement: Managed notification avatars within the BB platform for better consistency and user experience (#1298).
* Update: Updated groups-loop.php to integrate seamlessly with the BB platform, enhancing group management functionalities (#1298).

Reign Theme v7.5.0

= 7.5.0 =
* Update: Updated bb-platform.scss for enhanced styles (#1298).
* Enhancement: Managed customizer setting options spacing for better layout control (#1300).
* Enhancement: Added activity modal border-radius to improve UI aesthetics (#1298).
* Update: Updated required-plugins.php to ensure compatibility.
* Enhancement: Managed single event button hover icon color for better user interaction (#1298).
* Enhancement: Managed empty cart UI with Easy Digital Downloads (EDD) for a cleaner look (#1298).
* Fix: Fixed deprecated issue to maintain system stability (#1297).
* Update: Various updates to override templates for platforms like bbPress, BuddyPress, WooCommerce, and more for seamless integration and UI consistency (#1298).
* Update: Updated Easy Digital Downloads mini cart UI and override templates for enhanced user experience (#1298).
* Update: Updated rtMedia edit media UI to improve media handling features (#1298).
* Update: Updated override templates with the latest Peepso version to ensure theme compatibility and refreshed UI for messages and notifications (#1300).
* Enhancement: Managed theme UI with the latest update from Peepso for a more integrated experience (#1300).
* Update: Updated user menu user link for better navigation and user experience (#1298).
* Setting: Set default color mode after theme activation to establish a standard visual baseline.
* Update: Updated BP attachments UI for better management (#1298).
* Enhancement: Added navigation icon and updated header icon font size for improved UI clarity (#1298).
* Update: Updated BuddyPress activity post uploader UI to streamline user interactions (#1298).
* Development Tool: Executed Grunt tasks for maintaining project build quality (#1299).
* Fix Managed group cover image activity to ensure proper image handling in groups (Fixed #1299).
* Enhancement: Managed activity listing with bb platform version 2.5.80 to align with platform updates (#1298).
* Update: Removed comment and share count from activity listings to simplify the interface (#1298).

BuddyPress Reactions v1.4.6

= 1.4.6 =
* Fix: (#45) Comment reaction issue on the remove reaction
* Fix: (#45) Issue on reaction activity
* Fix: Issue on mark favorite button on activity
* Managed: Reaction loader UI
* Fix: PHP warnings on reaction count
* Fix: Depriciated warning at bbpress settings
* Fix: Remove theme specific code on comment and reply
* Added: Reactions for single blog and blog comment 
* Managed: Optimize and improve code flow for reaction

Reign Theme v7.4.8

= 7.4.8 =
* Update: Removed announcements and withdrawals post type options from customizer setting.
* Fix: Customizer issue fixes (#1296).
* Enhancement: Managed active login sessions with tutorlms (#1295).
* Update: Grunt updates (#1294).
* Fix: Fixed warning in #1294
* Enhancement: Updated register popup fields UI and fixes (#1274).
* Update: Updated paid memberships pro page templates with the latest plugin version (#1293).
* Update: Kirki library updated to 5.1.0 (#1291).
* Fix: UI fixes with bb platform.
* Fix: Fixed issue with cover image activity (#1290).
* Enhancement: Removed # after click on toggle (#1288) and added dark mode option in user menu.
* Enhancement: Updated sticky sidebar js (#1283).
* Enhancement: Updated dark mode on WooCommerce components (#1282).
* Enhancement: Managed menu UI when display location unset (#1285).
* Fix: UI fixes with Youzify addons (#1284) and managed shortcodes UI with Youzify.
* Enhancement: Managed sidebar widget UI with Youzify and activity load more scrolling issue with sticky sidebar (#1283).
* Fix: Managed activity more options UI fixes with shortcode pro plugin.
* Fix: Dark mode fixes with bb platform (#1282) and updated create group upload group avatar size (#1281).

Reign Theme V7.4.7

= 7.4.7 =
* Fix: (#1261) Managed single header meta color via theme
* Fix: (#1277) Managed community event UI
* Fix: (#1276) Managed Activity comments with bb platform
* Fix: (#1276) Managed Activity comments with bp latest version
* Fix: (#1275) Managed header avatar size with learnpress
* Fix: (#1273) BuddyPress docs pages UI fixes
* Fix: (#1272) Update create group page UI
* Fix: (#1269) Managed single profile bp submenu swipe
* Fix: Update bs-styled checkbox UI in register popup
* Fix: (#1271) Managed textbox auto zooming issue on IOS devices
* Enhancement: (#1270) Added color scheme for mobile menu

Reign Theme v7.4.6

= 7.4.6 =
* Update: Updated required-plugins.php file.
* Fix: (#1268) Managed member profile sidebar width on mobile view.
* Fix: (#1267) Updated swipe navigation UI with bb platform.
* Fix: (#1267) Managed wb-grid break UI when adding content in parallel in Elementor full width page.
* Fix: (#1266) Managed wpforo forum spacing and UI fixes.
* Update: Added reign theme body class.
* Update: Updated register page fields UI with bb platform.
* Update: Updated reign login form UI.
* Fix: (#1263) Removed “more” word from excerpt when using more tag.
* Fix: (#1264) Managed subheader posts page title dynamic.
* Fix: (#1262) Managed menu item and count alignment.
* Fix: (#1262) Managed mobile menu panel smooth toggle and full width.
* Update: (#1261) Added alternate text color setting.
* Fix: (#1260) Managed left panel icons height and width on update value.

Reign Theme v7.4.5

= 7.4.5 =
* Fix: (#1258) Update twitter icon
* Fix: (#1257) Managed default cover image for members and groups activities with bb platform
* Fix: (#1246) Update left panel menu hover color
* Fix: Managed left panel hide when menu not set
* Fix: (#1256) Managed dark mode with bp business profile
* Fix: (#1246) Hide left panel unused color options
* Enhancement: (#1255) Managed checkbox acceptance field in registration popup
* Fix: (#1254) Removed activity comments content word wrap
* Enhancement: (#1253) Added dark mode toggle style 3
* Fix: (#1252) Fixed issue with bp profile search plugin
* Fix: (#1250) Managed single profile/group sidebar custom width
* Enhancement: (#1214) Managed single post navigation enable/disable customizer setting
* Fix: (#1246) Managed login popup smooth animation
* Fix: (#1246) Update desktop sticky header scroll position
* Fix: (#1246) Update submenu item border radius
* Fix: (#1248) Managed compose tab style
* Fix: (#1249) Update single headers spacing
* Enhancement: (#1246) Added reign news widget block
* Fix: Managed bp activity social share icons UI
* Fix: Managed letter avatar

Reign Theme v7.4.4

= 7.4.4 =
* Fix: (#1244) Update tab style UI for vertical menu
* Fix: (#1244) Update conditions to hide/show user profile menu in mobile
* Fix: (#1244) Removed unwanted and commented code
* Fix: (#1245) - Add apply_filter for gravatar
* Fix: (#1244) Update message action button UI
* Fix: (#1242) Update scroll icon position when setting mobile header layout 3
* Fix: (#1242) Added sections for the mobile menu
* Fix: (#1242) Managed mobile view spacing and close button
* Fix: (#1242) Set default icon for logged-out menu
* Fix: (#1242) Update message section UI with the bb platform
* Fix: (#1242) Update header dropdown UI in mobile view
* Fix: (#1242) Managed menu item current color in mobile view