Reign Theme v7.3.0

= 7.3.0 =
* Fix: Fixed bulk selection plugins activation issue with TGM plugin
* Fix: (#1152) Managed bbpress single topic lead with bb platform
* Fix: (#1149) The Forum archive featured image support with Buddypress
* Fix: (#1147) Paid Membership Pro levels layout UI fixes
* Fix: (#1148) Managed header notification mark as read functionality
* Fix: (#1145) Managed left panel global show/hide setting
* Fix: (#1143) WooCommerce page UI fixes
* Fix: (#1144) Managed activity comments UI in mobile view
* Fix: Update the latest posts listing UI
* Fix: Update reset variations button position
* Fix: (#1142) Fixed page setting loader issue with Firefox
* Fix: (#1141) Outdated copies of some WooCommerce template files
* Enhancement: (#1138) Added setting for blog category label default or random colour
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