= 6.8.3 =
* Fix: (#1038) Update sub navigation UI in mobile
* Fix: (#1038) Update bp messages, feedback UI
* Fix: (#1038) Update custom scheme and dark scheme
* Fix: (#1038) Update mobile logo height
* Fix: (#1038) Update buddypress user subnav UI and fixes
* Fix: (#1038) Fixed activity popup and mobile logo spacing
* Fix: (#1038) Update form input border radius
* Fix: (#1038) Update mobile view notifications dropdown width
* Fix: (#1038) Managed mobile header layout 3 dark mode
* New Feature: (#1038) Managed mobile header layout 3
* New Feature: (#1038) Managed mobile header layout 2
* Fix: (#1038) Managed user menu clickable
* New Feature: (#1038) Added mobile menu customizer settings
* New Feature: (#1038) Added mobile header icons settings
* New Feature: (#1038) Added left panel position setting
* Fix: (#1038) Managed left panel dark mode and fixes
* New Feature: (#1038) Added separate color scheme for left panel
* Fix: (#1038) Update activity types UI
* Fix: (#1038) Separate header user menu logout option
* Fix: (#1038) Managed header more menu convert to three dots and clickable
* New Feature: (#1038) Added typography enable/disable option to support GDPR policies
* Fix: (#1028) Added condition to display header icons options
* Fix: (#1037) Update reign news widget title p tag to heading tag
* Fix: (#1034) Show topbar in mobile view when screen resize
* Fix: (#1033) Managed sticky topbar UI with box layout
* Fix: (#1029) Update phone icon and topbar default color
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