Reign Theme v6.8.1

= 6.8.1 =
* Fix: (#1027) Fixed PHP warning error on theme update
* Fix: (#1026) Hide gamipress data from widget area
* Fix: (#1024) Managed single event title font size and font family
* Fix: (1023) Fixed left panel issue
* Fix: (#1022) Managed elementor background overlay alignment
* Fix: (#1021) Managed failed to load resource (RTL fixes)
* Fix: Fixed php 8.0 warring with function parameter and load buddypress 
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One thought on “Reign Theme v6.8.1

  1. Hi Varun, I left two comments yesterday but didn’t realise I wasn’t logged in so just in case, I’ll leave them here too! The Check-in plugin conflicts with the ability to delete a post in a Group. Also, since 6.8, the trMedia settings sliders are cropped along their bottom edge. They still work but something is interfering with their appearance. I checked it with another theme and they are as they should be! Hope this all helps! Regards Russell

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