= 6.4.0 =
* Enhancement: (#988) Fixed reign setting upload default image issue
* New Feature: (#987) Added user info in mobile panel
* Fix: (#990) Managed single profile buttons with bb platform and fixes
* Enhancement: (#987) Managed header elements border radius and fixes
* Fix: (#989) Update login widget UI
* Enhancement: (#980) Removed extra option from left panel post meta setting
* Enhancement: (#980) Removed loading glitch after page refresh
* Enhancement: (#980) Managed left panel menu with elementor page and theme fixes
* Enhancement: (#980) Update backend post meta UI
* Enhancement: (#980) Removed fallback menu from panel menu
* Enhancement: (#980) Update activity control icon
* Enhancement: (#980) Managed reign tab content UI with reign addons
* Enhancement: (#980) Update backend setting mobile view UI
* Enhancement: (#980) Update backend setting navigation UI
* Enhancement: (#980) Added theme version in welcome page and UI fixes
* Enhancement: (#982) Fixed page title does not appear when using peepso
* Enhancement: (#980) Managed icon with text alignment
* Enhancement: (#980) Managed left panel menu active color and fixes
* Enhancement: (#980) Added scrollbar for left panel and set default menu icons
* New Feature: (#980) Managed header woocommerce cart, navigation UI
* Enhancement: (#980) Managed header edd cart UI
* Enhancement: (#980) Managed mobile menu, removed shiftnav code
* Fix: (#978) Managed mediapress group navigation UI
* Fix: (#978) Managed media popup comment section UI with mediapress
* Fix: (#997) Fixed profile forum tab header view with peepso bbpress

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4 thoughts on “Reign Theme v6.4.0

  1. Hi, I sent an email to admin today rather than a support ticket as I think the issue with the recently released 6.4.0 may be a bug! After updating from 6.3.5 in the Live Preview Customisation section, the menu tabs for the Mobile Panel, Left Panel and Right Panel are missing! I noted in the changelog for 6.4.0 that there was fix relating to the Active colour issue which is welcome but the missing menus may have transpired as a result of this work. I look forward to it being resolved soon!

    1. Hello Russel,
      We are cleaning up old code to optimize the mobile section, new update the focused on the same.
      Theme general color scheme will also be applied directly with the same color scheme setting instead of keeping them at two different places.

      The New left and right panels are light weighted, for any specific color scheme custom CSS please contact support, team will help on it.

      1. Hi Varun, just to say that 6.4 is beautiful and works like a dream! The new left and right panel design with easy icon selection is so much better! Thanks!

  2. Ah! Makes sense to coordinate mobile panels with main colour theme! I’ll experiment and hopefully I can achieve the design style I was aiming towards! Thanks for the responses.

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