= 6.0.0 =
* Fix: Updated News Widget
* Fix: Update activity forum discussion UI
* Fix: Added check-in icons in a single profile and group navigation
* New Feature: (#909) Added WPML for customizer options
* Fix: (#908) Update event calendar filter UI in mobile view
* New Feature: (#908) Dedicated support for event manager
* New Feature: Add Option to Disable/Enable Activity Action For Member Cover Image
* Fix: (#905) Managed cover image size for activity
* Fix: Set Default Avatar Image size
* Fix: New Profile Avatar exclude for BuddyBoss Platform plugin
* Fix: (#905) Managed profile photo, cover image create activity type UI
* Fix: Hide Group Name and Member Name when user change profile avatar
* New Feature: Added Member Cover Image, Group Photo, and Group Cover Photo
* Fix: Managed button UI with peepso woocommerce
* Fix: Update kirki 3.1.9
* Fix: (#907) Added delete comment option with bb platform
* Fix: (#906) dark mode fixes
* Fix: (#906) Managed wp event manager pages UI and dark mode
* Fix: Fixed: Deprecated: Required parameter $args follows optional parameter
* Fix: (#906) Added wp event manager support
* Fix: Update paid memberships pro peepso profile action links UI
* Fix: (#904) Fixed - what's new section on dark mode
* New Feature: (#905) Managed friends and group join activity type UI
* New Feature: Update single member and group swipe navigation UI
* New Feature: New group join and friendship create activity
* Fix: Hide post navigation for other cpts
* Fix: (#667) Managed profile edit fields UI with bb platform
* Fix: Update reign-login_form_top to reign_login_form_top
* Fix: (#917, #919) Managed mobile header UI with peepso
* Fix: (#915) Fixed topic tags with bb platform
* Fix: Fixed Warning in News Widget
* Fix:(#916) Managed private group join button UI
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