Reign Theme v4.0.0

= 4.0.0 =
* Fix: (#579) Fixed tanslation issue
* Fix: (#615) Managed CPT post UI like blog post
* Fix: (#518)Fixed php notice on bp profile completion widget
* Fix: (#505) Fixed deprecated version notice
* Fix: (#611) Added active callback for header layout 4 navigation background
* Fix: (#613) Update class-reign-kirki-sub-header.php
* Fix: (#613) Added sub header option for search page
* Fix: (#614) Update extra-plugins-support.php
* Fix: (#613) Added sub header link color option
* Fix: (#611) Header layout 4 set background color for navigation
* Fix: (#602) Update buddypress customizer option title name
* Fix: (#605)Fixed sidebar not showing on events listing page
* Fix: (#603) Update search results page UI
* Fix: (#603) add search form on search page
* Enhancement: Updated Typograhy options
* Enhancement: Added new options for BlockQuote Fonts
* Enhancement: Updated colors, sub-header, sticky-menu customizer fields description
* Enhancement: Updated forms, post types customizer fields description
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