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It is such a common scenario every day while browsing the internet when you come across some colors and you just need to have them with you. These colors might be for your blog, for your customized fonts or just some caption that you want for your DP on your social media account. Whatever you may want the colors for, these colors are not something that you look for, these are something that just comes to you. Having the Color Picker tools to extract colors from web pages in quick time has become a ‘must have software’ on your system and today, we are listing some of the best Color Picker tools on the internet which will help you get the desired colors in no time.

Let’s get started with the list.

Peacock Color Picker

Color Picker tools

Peacock Color Picker is One of the Best among all  Color Picker tools has a comprehensive package designed to get the color that you wish to, from your screen or even a stored image. On its interface, this tool views a part of your screen from which all the available colors are shown. The user of this software can choose the desired color from the available ones and get the correspondent code of that color in the various programming languages including the likes of HTML, JAVA etc. This software also comes with a color palette management option.

Just Color Picker

Color Picker tools

The Just Color Picker is a free tool to harness the color you want from any source on your system. Like the Peacock Color Picker, this tool provides you with the codes of the colors across different platforms, but the platforms offered are less in number. The working of it is better than the Peacock Color Picker in the manner that you can just hover your cursor over the area on your screen after launching Just Color Picker and activate your hotkeys to get the code out of the area you are hovering your cursor on.

This tool is the fastest working tool on our Color Picker tools list. Similar to the Just Color Picker in its working, this tool is free and easy to install. The working screen of this software is quite small which lets you run it better while selecting the color from your screen. The magnifier of this tool is also impressive as it can zoom up to 16 times and give you a finer detail of the color that you are looking for.

Color Picker tools



We have told you about getting any color from web pages and stored photos, but wouldn’t it be really helpful when you can get the colors from real life? iDropper is an app for iPhones through which you click a photo and get the color of the focus area of your choice on your phone. This is a helpful tool to have you come across a color on the go.



Now, if you are on the go and you want a color that you come across, it doesn’t mean that you need to have a mandatory iPhone in your hand. Pixolor is a tool for Android users through which they can get the color code of any captured picture or a stored one on their phones in quick time.  This app also provides real-time color capture too. The codes displayed are from different coding platforms.


I hope that this article helped you a lot in order to find the perfect color for your website. So, which one is your’s favorite? For any query feel free to comment below. Thanks for reading.

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