= 1.2.0 =
* Fixed (#46) Fixed admin setting saved issue
* Fixed (#45) Fixed Plugin Redirected when woocommerce is not activated
* Fixed Added escaping functions and fixed string error in target attribute value
* Fixed Add product-inquiry-quote-pro downloads page link
* Fixed Managed admin pro features
* Fixed Added WPML Language support
* Fixed #37 Quotation form alignment issue fixed
* Fixed #36 Quotation form and #36 Quote Button Alignment fixed
* Fixed (#39) Fixed scroller Issue with Twenty Twenty-One theme
* Fixed (#38) Fixed warning issue in the log file
* Fixed Fixed inquiry form popup is not working with other themes
* Fixed Fixed open enquiry popup on shop page.
* Fixed (#30) Fixed hide product option is not working
* Fixed (#34)Fixed add to quote button is not working for logged out users
The WooCommerce request for Quote plugin allows the site admin to hide the prices of selective or all products.

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