Reign Theme v6.8.6

= 6.8.6 =
* Fix: (#1046) Update author avatar size
* Fix: #1049 - The default profile and group cover image is not working
* Fix: #1049 - Group Avatar is not working with BuddyBoss Platform Plugin
* Fix: #1048 - Issue in default group avatar setting
* Fix: (#1047) Fixed PHP notices with legacy templates
* Fix: BuddyPress user todo list dark mode fixes
* Fix: BuddyPress plugins dark mode fixes
* Fix: Update what's new heading UI with the bb platform
* Fix: Update single profile navigation menu icons with buddywoo
* Fix: Update edd vendor dashboard icon and navigation
* Fix: Update mce-container iframe height
* Fix: Added user menu default icons
* Fix: (#1044) Managed vendor button UI on my account page
* Fix: Color scheme fixes regarding reign WC vendor addon
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