LearnDash Dashboard v5.3.0

= 5.3.0 =
* New Feature: Added restriction for withdrawal and earning contents on the dashboard
* New Feature: Assign Product Type as Course when creating product and option
* New Feature: Added (#439) - WooCommerce Course link up with product creation 
* New Feature: Added Total earning wallet balance update functionality
* New Feature: Added instructor earning tile, earning widget, and backend setting
* New Feature: Managed Instructor Earning stats UI chart
* New Feature: Added Instructor Email Logs tab to show email logs History
* New Feature: Added fee deduction on course purchase (extra from commission )
* Fix: (#461)Fixed added dependency of learndash woocommerce plugin
* Fix: (405) Fixed dashboard charts are not visible to the instructor
* Fix: (#432) Hide withdraw tab if revenue sharing is disabled
* Fix: (#432) Fixed withdraw content is not showing
* Fix: (#448) Set default color for earning tiles
* Fix: (#444) UI issue in withdrawing settings tab managed
* Fix: (#458) Fixed Enable/Disable fields not working
* Fix: (#457) Fixed PHP notice
* Fix: Disable monetization options if the option is disabled
* Fix: Instructor registration and registered UI
* Fix: (#447)Fixed PHP notice on course form update
* Fix: (#449) - Fixed course price not showing
* Fix: Fixed form redirection, learndash currency symbol issue
* Fix: Fixed ACF form redirection issue
* Fix: Fixed top courses chart content
* Fix: Fixed Top courses chart labels issue
* Fix: (#405) - Added Course Completion chart, Top courses chart for instructor
* Fix: (#442) - Added message on the popup when any payment is already pending
LearnDash Dashboard gives the admin, instructors, and students a dashboard of their own, where they can easily manage anything related to their courses, lessons, and contact others.
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