Free BuddyPress Theme – BuddyX

= 2.2.0=
* Fix: updated links for plugin install at admin notice
* Added: Auto updater with EDD

= 2.1.0=
* Fix:(#23) Update entry-full-width.php file code
* Fix: Managed string repetition and Fixed undefined variable warning 

= 2.0.0= 
* Fix: Updated namespace
* Fix: Managed single group sidebar option
* Fix: Update buddypress-profile.php file
* Fix: Theme check issues fixes
* Fix: woocommerce css file update
* Fix: woocommerce pages fixes
* Fix: Update files and profile pic upload issue fix
* Fix: Update footer widget title font size
* Fix: Update theme font and color scheme and theme fixes
* Fix: (#8) Header dropdown toggle issue fixed
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