BuddyPress Polls v4.3.2

= 4.3.2 =
* Added: BuddyPress search compatibility
* Added: (#334) Poll Share via Embed
* Added: (#337) Allow Comment Option Setting For Single Poll
* Added: (#333) Plugin CSS to the archive page
* Added: (#333) Archive and Single Page Template
* Managed: (#342) Poll search results UI
* Managed: (#334) Embed poll input UI
* Managed: (#334) Embed poll UI
* Managed: (#333) Archive poll listing UI and fixes
* Updated: (#333) Sidebar name
* Fix: (#342) Poll activity not listed in BuddyBoss search
* Fix: (#184) Creator unable to add option
* Fix: (#334) Add poll option via share embedded poll
* Fix: (#333) Warning
* Fix: (#332) String changes and allow comments
Allow users to create and respond to polls inside the BuddyPress activity or in groups.
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