BuddyPress Polls v2.9.0

= 2.9.0 =
* Fixed – Poll icon update in rtmedia container with the default theme
* Fixed – Remove Polls Text with icon
* Fixed #64 – Admin will see all the results irrespective he has voted on any poll activity or not.
* Fixed – No polls voting in user then not need to display any pols in Polls Graph dropdown
* Fixed #58 – widget with the specific poll result
* Fixed #62 – poll graph widget
* Fixed #63 – Change name of the widget
* Fixed #59 – Poll issue with BuddyBoss
* Fixed #56 – Fixed notices and warnings on the widget
* Fixed #55 – Create a widget to make a dynamic poll system

Allow users to create and respond to polls inside the BuddyPress activity or in groups.
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