BuddyPress Group Reviews v2.8.0

* Fix: Added common space between rating stars
* Fix: (#91) Fixed group avatar changed on rating filter of widget
* Fix: Update success message color
* Fix: #102 - Typo error
* Fix: #101 - Reviews CPT Title "Review" is not Changed according
* Fix: #98 - Group Review Email Subject and Email Content Placeholder
* Fix: #100 - debug code output displaying after submitting the review
* Fix: undefine index warning
* Fix: #91 - widget: bp group review widget
* Fix: Update admin url if need to approve feedback
* Fix: #84 - Review mail string change
* Fix: #80 - reviews are redirecting us to 404 page (reviews tab)
* Fix: (#95) Fixed plugin create admin menu if BuddyPress not activate
* Fix: (#77) Fixed replace plural string with singular
* Fix: admin options button UI
* Fix: (#75) Fixed php notice is no group select in bacend admin seating
* Fix: (#87) Fixed grammatically error
* Fix: (#95) Fixed redirect to error page after activate
Allow users to provide their reviews and ratings to the community groups based on multiple criteria.
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