BuddyPress Check-ins Pro v1.5.0

= 1.5.0 =
* Fix: Fixed set map on member search
* Fix: (#113) Fixed console error message on single group
* Fix: Remove console message of coordinates
* Fix: (#107) Fixed typo mistake in admin option
* Fix: Update leafletjs to 1.8.0 version
* Fix: (#114) Fixed console errors on member directory search by location
* Fix: (#111) Fixed php notices on ajax response
* Fix: (104) Fixed draggable marker with open street map
* Fix: (#96) Added change tab label
* Fix: Update check-ins location view UI with bb platform
* Fix: (#110) Update support tab UI
* Fix: (#101) Update warning color
* Fix: (#101) Managed BuddyPress user group notice UI
* Fix: (#102) Managed search icon UI with bb platform
* Fix: (#101) Managed BuddyPress user group notice UI
* Fix: (#100) Removed extra white space
* Fix: Reduced set Interval timeout with bb platform
* Fix: (#112) Added RTL support
* Fix: Fixed #61 - Member Directory Page Map default location issue
* Fix: (#98) Fixed single group location map not display
BuddyPress check-In feature allows users to share their location with their friends by "checking in" at a specific place, such as a restaurant, park, event, or any other location.
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