Adding Status And Moods To Your Community Website

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Everybody around us is currently practically busy with making an online presence to share their interests, convictions, likes, hates with others. Social Networking Sites or commonly community site make it feasible for anybody to join the discussion happening everywhere on the web. Rather than simply reading what others are saying, you can participate in imparting your insights on the web.

Communicating in a social network

Whenever you have joined a social network, you can begin posting your considerations as status updates, your photos, your mindset to specific updates, and whatever else you might want your friends to know. These posts will show up on your activity feed which will be then obvious to your friends. Hence friendly posts can be considered as a truly useful piece of a social community website.

Few pros of posting status updates and moods on social media include:

  • With status updates, you can communicate with a lot of people at the same time.
  • It offers a richer social experience than sending emails and messages.
  • It increases member engagement on your community website.
  • Allowing your members to add moods thus making your community fun, engaging, and interactive.

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Adding Status Updates To BuddyPress Community

BuddyPress community by default allows its members to post on their profile which is then displayed on the activity stream to every member in the community. Blog posts, new friendships, and blog comments are among the most popular activities recorded. Users are also able to filter all of their friends’ activities to check on what they are doing on the site.

However, BuddyPress does not allow users to post, status moods and smileys that will be displayed beside their username. Allowing members to post smileys and moods can be a really fun and interactive way to engage members on your community website. 

To assist you with doing this, we would propose you introduce BuddyPress Reactions and Status on your community website. This module is completely coordinated and works faultlessly with the BuddyPress plugin.

BuddyPress Reactions and Status

Community Website

BuddyPress Status is a dedicated BuddyPress addon that allows your community site members to update their status with what they are doing at the moment. Moreover, it allows them to set icons such as emojis that appear beside their username on their profile.

This plugin also comes with a collection of an inbuilt set of icons so an admin can easily choose the emojis he wants to show to his members. Furthermore, it allows the admin to upload custom emojis and icons from the backend itself.

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Features of this plugin include:

Status Icon Options:

Community Website

Status Icon alternative permits an administrator to set symbols he wishes to show at the frontend to his members. An administrator can choose the arrangement of emoticon from a variety of emoticon sets accessible. These emoticons will show up alongside a part’s username on his profile page.

Activity Reaction Icons:
Community Website

Icons chose in this setting will be accessible to give a response to action updates. An administrator can move icons here which will be appeared to a member when a member will respond to any activity. Activity responses are significant as they go about as a connection with the choice to permits your community site members to respond to various activities. This won’t just make your BuddyPress site look fascinating to members, however, it will likewise give members the choice to communicate their opinions as responses.

Furthermore, these play an important role to help BuddyPress communities get more information on what their followers think about the posts they’re sharing.

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General Options:

General Options

General settings allow an admin to disable status icons for certain components. These include:

  • Disable status icon in activity loop.
  • Disable the status icon on the user profile page.
  • Disable the reaction icon in BuddyPress activity actions.

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Make Your Community Site Engaging With Status And Moods

To carry more members to your BuddyPress community, it is important to make it really captivating and interactive for them. Permitting your members to post status, mindsets, and emoticons on their profiles gives them approaches to associate with their friends and make their own profile look more wonderful. BuddyPress Status and Reactions is a basic yet exceptionally helpful plugin that allows your members to do the previously mentioned things wonderfully. With this plugin, your members will appreciate going to your site and updating their moods and emoticons once in a while. 

We trust you enjoyed this article on adding status and moods to your community website. Tell us your proposals in the remark segment below.

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