Product: Reign Sensei Addon

Reign Sensei Addon v1.4.6

= 1.4.6 =
* Fix: (#35)Fixed added show course tab in assigned group
* Fix: (#36)Fixed show user enrolled courses on their BuddyPress profile
* Fix: (#40)Fixed added give preference settings for the logged in users to hide their course tab for other members to view
* Fix: Code Optimization
* Fix: Remove unused and outdated code

Reign Sensei Addon v1.4.5

= 1.4.5 =
* Fix: (#39) Warning issue after adding a course in the BP group
* Fix: UI issue
* Fix: Text domain issue
* Fix: BP v12 fixes
* Fix: License issue
* Managed: (#38) WC paid courses order page UI
* Fix: (#38) Warning, dark mode and UI fixes

Reign Sensei Addon v1.4.3

= 1.4.3 =
* Fix: (#28) Fixed text domain errors
* Fix: (#28) Message on deactivating BuddyPress
* Fix: (#33) Issue in Course enrollment activity title
* Fix: (#28) issue in the absence of BuddyPress
* Fix: (#34) - issue in the license activation/deactivation
* Fix: Set inactive only when the license key deactivates
* Fix: (#30)Fixed issue in the lesson activity

Reign Sensei Addon v1.4.2

= 1.4.2 =
* Fix: (#24) Fixed UI issue with the latest version of Sensei LMS
* Fix: (#25) Loaded theme colors dynamically using CSS variables
* Fix: Added compatibility with Sensei LMS latest version

REIGN Sensei Addon v1.4.1

= 1.4.1 =
* Fix: Update single course thumbnail height
* Fix: Fixed template issue in reign sensei addon for single course page

Reign Sensei Addon v1.4.0

= 1.4.0 =
* New Features: (#23) Model and RTL fixes
* New Features: (#23) Managed archive page UI and improvement
* New Features: (#23) Managed students counts and course features UI
* New Features: (#23) - Set certificate available or not in course single page
* New Features: (#23) quizzes count dynamic
* New Features: (#23) - added Course Info on Single Course page
* Fix: (#23) Fixed text domain errors
* New Features: (#23) Managed single course cover image UI and fixes
* New Features: (#23) Udemy Background image and color option

Reign Sensei Addon v1.3.0

= 1.3.0 =
* Fix: Removed unused function
* Fix: (#20) Added support of reign customizer sidebar setting
* Fix: managed UI course progress widget and lesson archive
* Fix: #21 Improve UI and add courses meta icons
* Fix: (#17) Updated plugin description
* Fix: (#19) Managed my courses and my messages page UI

Reign Sensei Addon

Reign Sensei Addon

If you are looking for theme for WordPresslMS pigin Sensei along with support for social community. Reign Sensei Theme is just the perfect solution for you. Reign Theme has just made making an online course marketplace easier. Supporting SenseiLMS, Reign will now allow the creation of beautiful, smart, and simple learning solutions. Covering individual creators, educational institutions, and providing an eLearning platform at the same time.

Packed with Features

With everything you need to show product waiting times, look no further than Reign Sensei Addon

Awesome Sensei Pages

Making Sensei awesome e-Learning capabilities come out with a spark.

Course Review

Add credibility to your course by allowing students to share their views about it.

Engaging Profile Layout

Present your profile to your learners beautifully

Sensei Widgets

Take course accessibility to next level with attractive sensei widgets.

Works only with the Reign theme

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Manage your E-Learning Website

Focused Learning With Reign Sensei LMS

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Works only with the Reign theme

This Addon is exclusively available for Reign theme Buyers. Get the theme today, and enjoy all the benefits of the plugin.
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